Nordic managers expect 4% growth

IDC's report "Nordic IT Survey - Corporate IT and Telecom Spending Patterns 2002" of 400 IT managers in the four Nordic countries found expectations of just 4% growth in spending in 2002. Danes are the most optimistic, followed by Swedes, Norwegians, and Finns.

But polarisation of up to 50% either way in some companies reflects the region's economic development which, though showing increasing optimism, is the backdrop to declines and lay-offs.

Two thirds of companies have security solutions installed, and most will implement projects to improve them in 2002. By end-2002 almost all medium-sized or large companies will have

solutions installed. In Denmark a third were hit by viruses in 2001, which should increase the focus on security, IDC says.

Increasing focus on the need for remote access for home workers or mobile workers - both wired and wireless - will drive increased investment in security.

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