Long-haul agile photonic network

Innovance Networks has launched "the world's first complete agile, photonic networking solution for long-haul, inter-city networks".

The AgileCore suite is intended to help service providers cut costs while migrating to next-generation networks. "The range brings together transparent switching, dynamic transport, and full spectrum tunable technology with a real-time photonic layer operating system," Innovance claims.

Elements include: TPX 1000 Transparent Photonic Switch to enable the per-wavelength management of traffic through the node and eliminate the need for electrical to optical conversions; DLS 1000 Dynamic Line System, which provides the network reach and point-to any-point connection set up capability; and TPG 1000 Tunable Photonic Gateway to eliminate the complexity associated with wavelength planning and engineering in today's networks and to enable dynamic connection activation.

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