Infineon, Xelerated towards 10Gbit/s traffic management

Xelerated, the Swedish developer of high-performance network processors announced, a joint development with Infineon Technologies to speed up the availability of "off-the-shelf" solutions for 10Gbit/s router and switch line-card solutions.

The partners aim to produce a line-card reference design based on the Xelerator Traffic Manager, and Infineon's Reduced Latency DRAM, RLDRAM.

The purpose of the reference board is to verify interoperability and demonstrate a working solution for high-end traffic management applications, characterised by very demanding requirements with regard to buffer capacity, bandwidth and jitter.

The objective of Xelerated's partnership program is to enable system vendors to design complete 10-40Gbit/s full-duplex systems during 2002. Thomas Eklund, director of business development, said, "We can offer system vendors traffic management solutions with unbeatable quality of service at 10Gbit/s and above."

Dr Ernst Strasser, marketing director for DRAM Products at Infineon, said, "Our RLDRAM offers high bandwidth and ultra-fast random access."

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