Field fusion splicer connects in just 40s


Ericsson has introduced what it claims is the world's fastest field fusion splicer with ultra-fast splice times and the world's fastest shrink time.

The FSU 15 FI is based on a new rugged, compact and lightweight technology platform designed for rough working conditions. It combines cold core alignment and warm image processing for accurate alignment and splice loss estimation together with a new heating technology for protection sleeves to give a cycle time of 40s.

  • Ericsson's new fully automated fibre recoaters have a new moulded technology that reduces cleaning frequency from after every recoat to typically every 50 recoats. The recoaters are available in two versions: the EFR 4000 and the EFR 4050, which includes a fibre tensile tester.
  • Based on Ericsson's splicing technology, SECA Photonics has launched automated fusion splicing, including stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing recoating and proof-test of fibre. A modular design enables short set-up time and rapid changeover. The first system has already been delivered for EDFA manufacture in the USA.
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