CeBIT 2003 preview 12–19 March, Hannover


Transmode is showing its System 1100 CWDM platform's new CWDM amplifier, which extends reach to 120km without repeaters. This allows an increase in the addressable market for service providers and longer-reach deployments for enterprise customers.

The amplifier further enhances the platform's modularity, which allows a "pay-as-you-grow" approach to network deployment and tailoring to the most cost-effective configuration.

The architecture allows the lowest-possible "first-in" cost when deploying the first CWDM channel. Further channels can be deployed one at a time.

Transmode will demonstrate how its CWDM system, together with OFS's AllWave fibre, can be used cost effectively in an enterprise environment.
Hall 27, Booth A24/1 (OFS booth)

Laurel Networks claims to be the first provider of a high-performance service edge router specifically for the edge of IP/MPLS networks.

The ST200 combines features required to deliver high-value IP services, including: high-capacity routing and switching; rich bandwidth management functionality; and high-density, multi-service ports.

In the EANTC booth at the Networking Information Centre (NIC), an ST200 will be deployed as part of a vendor-neutral technology showcase.
Hall 15, Booth A14

Cirpack is showing its Super Node super-high-power telephony switch, scalable for next-gen infrastructures.

Based on IBM's high-performance xSeries eServer, it can handle up to 5 million BHCAs (Busy Hour Call Attempts) and 6,000 E1 connections. It provides simultaneous support for IP, ATM and TDM traffic and protocols, and supports copper and fibre interfaces, such as E1, SDH, ATM, AAL1/AAL2, Ethernet and POS.
Hall 27, Booth F15

MRV Communications/Optical Access' OptiSwitch-Z is a range of open, modular Layer 2/3/4 switch/routers offering Gigabit Ethernet and integrated IP services.

Three chassis styles offer different port densities and bandwidths. All ports are non-blocking, and each chassis can take up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet cards. The 100Mbit/s plug-in cards provide up to 32 ports, allowing up to 504 Fast Ethernet ports.

Any OptiSwitch-Z can be configured so that each component is redundant, giving total operational reliability.
Hall 16, Booth D18

At its European debut (exhibiting with partner Pan Dacom Networking), Meriton Networks is showing products that support CWDM/ DWDM on a single platform.

  • The 7200 OADX (Optical Add/Drop Switch) is an integrated wavelength switch and transmission system for the metro core. It enables transparent wavelength services and adding capacity to exhausted WDM networks. It also offers integration between the access and core, enabling provisioning of end-to-end wavelengths. In-coming wavelengths can be switched to any out-going wavelengths.
  • The 3300 Optical Services Unit (OSU) is a WDM access product for providing wavelength services across a network. It has a low start-up cost, a pay-as-you-grow model, compatibility with existing equipment and infrastructure, and support for client interfaces from 100Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s.
Hall 13, Booth C47

Marconi is demonstrating its range of scalable, next-generation telecoms equipment and network solutions. This includes its broadband equipment for the core, edge and access layers and its latest optical networking equipment, including its Series 4 SDH equipment and its MSH2K and MSH64c optical cross connects.

Marconi will also be demonstrating its Access Hub next-generation multi-service access node, a high-density DSLAM with new carrier-class concentration for ATM, IP and voice.

Also on show will be the company's SoftSwitch next-generation IP-based switching platform.
Hall 27, Booth D40

NetTest Instruments Group will be displaying new functionality in its CMA5000 multi-layer network test platform. This includes chromatic dispersion using OTDR (optical time domain reflectometry), jitter & wander testing for the transport layer, and Gigabit Ethernet testing.
Hall 13, Booth 36

Lightscape Optical Networks is showing two new MSPPs for metro access and cellular networks.

The XDM miniature MSPPs enable expansion of data services. These scalable offerings include a CWDM platform to address evolving networks. Other products to be presented include:

  • XDM-400 — a compact MSPP for metro-edge or long-haul.
  • XDM-1000 — a multi-service metro optical platform for high-capacity, central exchange functions.
  • BroadGate µLAN — a compact multi-service access platform for medium-to-large enterprises.
Hall 27, Booth D45

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