Metro Ethernet and MPLS Forums linked

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has established a formal, cooperative liaison relationship with the MPLS Forum, also based in California, to facilitate the development of MPLS and metro Ethernet technology and markets.

Since its inception, the MEF has expressed the intent to work with other technical forums to facilitate early interoperability and implementation agreements among vendors, service providers and end-customers alike.

"This relationship, with one of the most innovative new telecommunications forums, is another exciting indication that metro Ethernet is gaining importance and acceptance world-wide," claims MEF president Nan Chen.

"Cooperation between our forums will help facilitate MPLS-based solutions for optical Ethernet networks, and will further the MPLS Forum's goal of accelerating the adoption of Multi Protocol Label Switching and its associated technologies," added Andrew Malis, chairman and president of the MPLS Forum.

The agreement includes the ability for designated representatives from each forum to attend the other's meetings, and for the two to share work in progress in order to cooperatively produce suitable industry agreements and specifications.

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