Nortel introduces 'fine tuning' tools

Nortel Networks has unveiled a new set of diagnostic tools to enable enterprise customers to identify network problems and fine-tune infrastructure.

Integrated on its Passport 8600 routing switch, Passport Advanced Diagnostic Tools are designed to minimise network issue resolution and to help identify potential bottle-necks. The company says this is the first time such capabilities have been included on an Ethernet hardware routing platform.

This approach, which enables businesses to eliminate external devices like network probes, cuts complexity and enables networking issues to be handled before they become problems.

The tools feature two components that cooperate to give network administrators greater control over discrete elements.

Packet Capture Tool enables network administrators to monitor traffic flows to or from any selected port on Passport 8600 for instant statistical analysis.

Ping Snoop enables businesses to monitor specific links to ensure they do not degrade, and to take corrective action if they do.

  • Nortel claims to have enabled broader deployment of bandwidth for shared infrastructure with the latest release of its OPTera Metro 5000 Multiservice Platform.

Release 5.0 adds new service interfaces and features, enabling providers to "operationalise" the optical layer with improvements to network planning.

According to the Dell'Oro Group, Nortel Networks was the "worldwide leader" in optical networking for 2001 and for the first three quarters of 2002, with number-1 market shares in total optical transport equipment and metropolitan DWDM.

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