Kailight Photonics intros 40G products

March 14, 2007
MARCH 14, 2007 -- Kailight Photonics has introduced two 40G transponders: the K-Works TRAN-4200, and -4800. The two products join the TRAN-4400.

MARCH 14, 2007 -- Kailight Photonics (search for Kailight) has introduced two 40G transponders: the K-Works TRAN-4200, and -4800. The two products join the TRAN-4400.

The TRAN-4200 uses non-return-to-zero (NRZ) modulation, which is specified for 2-km transmission lengths over standard singlemode fiber. The optical module will be available in an industry-standard 300-pin MSA packaging and is envisioned for client-side applications.

By utilizing the latest chip set technology with Kailight's proprietary integration techniques, the K-Works TRAN-4200 will set a new standard in price and performance while offering the latest features and protocols, according to the company. Its OIF, SFI-5-compliant mixed-signal chip sets support bit-rates from 39.8 to 43.1 Gbits/sec. This allows the TRAN-4200 to support a wide variety of networking applications including OC-768, STM-256, and OTU-3.

The TRAN-4800 supports differential phase-shift keying (DPSK) modulation in an industry-standard 300-pin MSA package. With bta samples available in 3Q of 2007, the K-Works TRAN-4800 is designed to support long-haul optical networking applications. Kailight's newest module will be OIF, SFI-5 compliant and will support a number of standards including OC-768, STM-256,and OTU-3. Additionally, the transponder will provide wavelength tunability over either the extended C or L bands.

The K-Works TRAN-4400 and TRAN-4200 are currently in trials with "several major system vendors." Kailight also announced that it has received purchase orders for its K-Works transponders from major systems vendors.

The K-Works TRAN-4400 supports duobinary modulation for long-reach optical networking applications.

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