BroadLight debuts Quad GPON OLT Controller

MARCH 19, 2007 -- BroadLight claims its new BL3458 breaks barriers by reducing GPON OLT cost and lowering density and power.

MARCH 19, 2007 -- BroadLight (search for BroadLight) today announced what it claims is the industry's first quad GPON optical line terminal (search for OLT) controller. The new BL3458, which is being designed in by leading OEMs today, provides the industry's highest integration for packet and TDM transport over ITU-T G.984 GPON and dramatically reduces power, space, and costs for multi-port OLTs, say Broadlight representatives.

"With more than 40 GPON design wins around the globe and 5 GPON products delivered to customers, BroadLight has secured a clear market leadership position," contends Didi Ivancovsky, founder and vice president of marketing for BroadLight. "The BL3458 further strengthens our position by delivering the cost savings and integration that OEMs are looking for in a GPON OLT design."

"GPON deployments continue to grow significantly around the world and virtually every top-tier access OEM has a GPON design in production," adds Jeff Heynen, directing analyst of Broadband and IPTV for Infonetics Research. "BroadLight has certainly helped enable the industry and has reaped the rewards of its innovation by being first to market with GPON silicon and software and as a result is now powering the GPON products we see coming out from top OEMs and ODMs around the globe. Their new BL3458 is yet another example of delivering what customers want, which is cost reduction through integration."

"The BL3458 is well timed for sample availability in June 2007, as customers are developing second-generation OLT cards in anticipation of carrier GPON build plans," notes Doron Tal, director of product marketing for Broadlight. "We made sure that the highly integrated BL3458 Quad GPON OLT controller met the key features of power and performance as it only dissipates less than 1 Watt per GPON port. Developers will be able to shorten their design time by utilizing the BL3458 development system, which provides up to eight GPON OLT ports in a 1-RU chassis," he reports.

According to Broadlight representatives, BL3458 is built upon the interoperability proven single-port BL3238 GPON OLT MAC. The BL3458 also includes an embedded processor for easy device provisioning and acceleration of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) over four GPONs. The BL3458 integrates the costly burst-mode CDR, provides improved flexibility in TR-101-compliant traffic mapping, and features seamless connectivity to the leading Ethernet switches and network processors, says the company. PONjacket software simplifies OLT development and speeds time to market by enabling the BL3458 to operate autonomously, implementing the field proven and ITU-T interoperable G.984 PON stack over all GPON links.

The BL3458 development system is a 1-RU chassis-based system, comprising two ATCA AMC GPON OLT 4-port modules with standard SFP GPON OLT transceivers. Up to eight GPON links can be serviced through the development system's two 10-Gigabit Ethernet uplink interfaces. 

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