Carrier Access Corp. adds IP network integration products with Mangrove acquisition

March 6, 2007
MARCH 6, 2007 -- Mangrove Piranha 100 and 600 products will be rebranded as the Carrier Access EdgeFLEX and 600, respectively.

MARCH 6, 2007 -- Carrier Access Corp. has completed the acquisition of IP networking product assets from Mangrove Systems Inc. of Wallingford, CT, in a cash transaction valued at approximately $8 million. Carrier Access says it has also hired 30 former employees of Mangrove to sell, support, and continue R&D of the newly acquired Mangrove products. The acquisition is anticipated to be accretive to Carrier Access earnings in 1Q08.

Mangrove Piranha 100 and 600 products will be rebranded as the Carrier Access EdgeFLEX and 600, respectively. These new optically fed IP transport integration products add to the Carrier Access portfolio of IP service convergence solutions at both access and optical edge locations. Integrated products and solutions will be supported and offered to combined customers of Carrier Access and Mangrove Systems (including mobile network operators, broadband and Ethernet service providers, and government networks). Carrier Access FLEXengine software-definable IP interworking and optimization technology will be integrated with the new EdgeFLEX product offerings to further consolidate network capital and operational costs for high-bandwidth IP networks.

Nancy Pierce, Carrier Access's corporate development officer, says, "Mangrove Systems brings several early-stage global customer expansion opportunities to Carrier Access in the Asia-Pacific and EMEA markets... We have re-staffed and equipped the talented engineering, sales, and support employees behind the creation of the Mangrove products and anticipate leveraging our existing Connecticut lab for future product development."

The new Carrier Access EdgeFLEX 100 and 600 products merge high-capacity packet and circuit-switched technologies to converge existing access and transport over Ethernet and optical SDH or SONET transport infrastructures. Convergence capabilities include standards-based SONET/SDH, TDM, ATM, and Frame Relay conversion to IP Ethernet -- enabling a single EdgeFLEX network element to replace the functions of routers, switches, optical add/drop multiplexers, and psuedowire conversion systems.

The acquisition of Mangrove's assets and employment of key personnel is designed to expand Carrier Access's product and solution portfolios for access, edge, and hub locations. According to Carrier Access, EdgeFLEX complements the MASTERseries, Axxius, Broadmore, and Adit product lines for software-defined access and service creation in wireless, broadband, Ethernet, and optical networks.

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