Alloptic touts GEPON ONT advances

JUNE 18, 2007 -- Alloptic Inc. has announced a new gateway GEPON ONT, plus enhancements to its existing home4000 ONT.

JUNE 18, 2007 -- Alloptic Inc. (search for Alloptic) has announced a new gateway GEPON ONT, plus enhancements to its existing home4000 ONT.

Now generally available, the Home Gateway 300 is designed to provide a low-cost alternative for indoor deployment of GEPON ONTs in high-density environments.

"We are experiencing great success with our new indoor HG300 product family in Korea," said Shane Eleniak, vice president of marketing and business development for Alloptic. "In a metropolitan high-density living environment, an operator has a different set of challenges and opportunities as compared to rural deployments. Our HG300 line leverages shorter loop lengths to provide a cost-effective, feature-rich residential ONT."

Alloptic says the Home Gateway 300 is based on industry standard technology.

Meanwhile, Alloptic says it also has expanded the home4000 ONT to include integrated carrier class VoIP functionality. The company asserts that the latest model home4000 ONTs supports both traditional TDM service and carrier class VoIP (SIP and MGCP) from the same analog voice port interfaces. This means an operator can migrate its entire customer base to a VoIP infrastructure whenever it wants without affecting its subscribers.

"This is not just another feature," said Eleniak. "VoIP is sweeping through the communications industry, radically changing the network. Both operators and consumers are drawn by the same concept -- lower costs. However, most deployments have required either an additional device at the subscriber's location to convert analog handsets to VoIP or forced the subscriber to purchase a digital VoIP phone. Now, with Alloptic's VoIP solution, the switch from TDM to carrier class VoIP is totally transparent to the subscriber, truck rolls are unnecessary, and costs drop. Everybody wins!"

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