Alphion launches GPON family

JUNE 19, 2007 -- Alphion Corp. has launched a GPON product family.

JUNE 19, 2007 -- Alphion Corp. (search for Alphion), a privately held company that develops, manufactures, and markets communication systems, subsystems, and integrated photonic components based on its proprietary QLight technology, has launched a GPON product family. The family consists of the AOLT-4000 Optical Line Terminal (OLT), a line of optical network terminals (ONTs) for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as passive splitter units.

Alphion says the AOLT-4000 reflects the state-of-the-art in GPON OLT equipment, with 40 GPON ports per shelf, 200-Gbit/sec backplane, and 56-Gbit/sec uplink capacity. The platform supports both passive ring and passive star network architectures. The product family includes network terminals for single family (AONT-100 SFU), small business (AONT-200), and multiple dwelling (AONT-300).

"Alphion now offers complete end-to-end solutions for FTTx networks," commented Dr. Bharat P. Dave, Alphion chairman, president, and CEO. "Our GPON product line is designed to support convergence of voice, video, and data in a unified platform to offer multiple-play services. Alphion is rapidly becoming a leading supplier for the expansive worldwide FTTx deployment."

The company says the Alphion AOLT-4000 and AONT-100/200/300 family were developed in full compliance with the International Telecommunications Union's FSAN standard for FTTx equipment (ITU-T G.984). Alphion says this ensures that its product family meets the carrier-class requirements dictated in the FSAN standard and allow interoperability with a broad spectrum of other manufacturers' GPON equipment.

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