PANDUIT says new OPTICAM connectors provide high-yield installation

Oct. 3, 2007
OCTOBER 3, 2007 -- PANDUIT claims its new SC and ST OPTICAM pre-polished connectors provide consistent terminations with yield rates approaching 100%.

OCTOBER 3, 2007 -- PANDUIT (search for PANDUIT) has introduced its OPTICAM pre-polished fiber-optic connectors, which the company claims provide fast and consistent terminations with yield rates approaching 100%.

New composite ferrule SC and ST OPTICAM connectors offer a low cost, comparable performance alternative to zirconia ceramic connectors for static applications such as behind the wall, fiber to the zone, and panel installations. Zirconia ceramic ferrule OPTICAM connectors offer the highest durability for repeated matings, says Panduit, and they are recommended for mission-critical and dynamic applications. Both ferrule types are compliant with TIA/EIA-568-B.3 performance requirements.

According to PANDUIT, all LC, SC, and ST OPTICAM connectors feature its patented dual cam design, which eliminates crimping, allows re-termination, and reduces overall termination time. Every connector is 100% factory pre-tested for insertion loss to ensure high performance, says the company. A single OPTICAM termination tool provides fast and easy termination of all OPTICAM connectors. The user-friendly tool utilizes an integrated visual termination indicator for identification of proper termination after the cam step has been completed, virtually eliminating operator error, contends the company.

Together, the OPTICAM connectors and termination tool deliver the highest yield rates, reduced scrap, and optimum performance for the lowest installed cost, says PANDUIT.