Avensys Tech announces purchase orders for DPSK demodulators

APRIL 17, 2007 -- Martin d'Amours, president and CEO of Avensys, says the purchase orders are "a testament to the acceptance of [DPSK] technology in the market."

APRIL 17, 2007 -- Avensys Tech, a division of Avensys Inc., today announced that it has received more than $1.8 million worth of orders from its blue-chip customers, who are leading global telecom suppliers. Among these orders is the purchase of Avensys' Differential Phase-Shift Keying (search for DPSK) demodulators, in excess of $1.4 million.

These orders, upon delivery, represent a milestone both for Avensys and for DPSK technology itself, say company representatives. Avensys has now shipped more than 1,000 DPSK demodulator units.

"We have every confidence that Avensys has the greatest market penetration of DPSK demodulators deployed in the field to date, and we continue to significantly improve our position within this market," contends Martin d'Amours, president and CEO of Avensys. "We are pleased to have received this significant purchase order for our DPSK demodulators from one of our major customers."

"Furthermore," he adds, "it is a testament to the acceptance of the technology in the market. What had been, for some time, thought to be future generation technology has quickly seen present day acceptance. The recent recognition and acceptance of DPSK technology by the telecom market represents a landmark for the company and indicates to us that DPSK is a growing and emerging product line for AvensysITech," reports d'Amours.

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