ADVA Optical Networking joins Great Plains Network

APRIL 19, 2007 -- The first corporate member, ADVA Optical Networking says it will deliver expertise in optical networking technologies to the Midwestern universities consortium.

APRIL 19, 2007 -- ADVA Optical Networking (search for ADVA Optical Networking) says it is the first corporate member admitted to the Great Plains Network consortium of universities located in the Midwestern United States. Member universities are dedicated to supporting research and education through the use of advanced networking technology. Affiliated states include Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

"It's clear that optical networks, on-demand grid computing, and supercomputing infrastructures will play pivotal roles in enabling academic researchers and, eventually, business to affordably share and access trillions of bytes of information," explains Dr. Greg Monaco, executive director of the Great Plains Network. "The implementation of cutting-edge, reconfigurable optical network services, coarse and dense wavelength division multiplexing, and high-speed Ethernet services helps our members to deploy the flexible, scalable networks required for 21st Century, collaborative science and education," he says. "ADVA Optical Networking has real-world experience in each of these areas, and we look forward to the insights the company will bring to the GPN effort."

"ADVA Optical Networking's membership in Great Plains Network results from our dedication to the research and education sectors and our drive to deliver best-of-breed networks to these customers," adds Brian P. McCann, chief marketing and strategy officer at ADVA Optical Networking. "We look forward to sharing insights about technology breakthroughs, the benefits of Optical+Ethernet transport solutions, and the application drivers across the sector."

ADVA Optical Networking's Fiber Service Platform is a portfolio of Optical+Ethernet networking products designed specifically for the delivery of high-speed services and network infrastructure rollout. According to the company, the modular design and flexible architecture of the products enable the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for customer premises, access, metro core and regional deployment, at native speeds reaching up to 100 Gbits/sec. The highly scalable, multi-service optical transport and access platform has a rich set of Ethernet features for packet aggregation, resilience, and operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM), claim company representatives.

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