VPIsystems updates access network toolset

APRIL 10, 2007 � OnePlan Access 3.0 includes enhanced modeling, reporting, and forecasting capabilities; new disaster planning features; and greater ease of use.

APRIL 10, 2007 � VPIsystems (search for VPIsystems) has announced the newest release of its Access module for the OnePlan network planning system. OnePlan Access 3.0 includes enhanced modeling, reporting, and forecasting capabilities; new disaster planning features; and greater ease of use through an updated user interface, according to the company. With these new features, OnePlan Access users will be able to quickly plan, design, and optimize broadband, wireless, and other access networks, VPIsystems asserts.

OnePlan Access 3.0 features more sophisticated equipment modeling, the company says. The expanded functionality of this component and updated user interface are designed to let customers more easily input data into the OnePlan Access configuration templates, specific to the capabilities of the equipment being used, and generate a plan detailing how and where this equipment should be implemented.

Additional enhancements and new features in OnePlan Access 3.0 include:

  • Enhanced Equipment Model: OnePlan Access now supports both generic access equipment detail configuration and vendor-specific equipment models.
  • Layer Connection Model: With support for a layer connection model, carriers can now model logical connections in their access network domain.
  • Dual-homing capabilities: Built-in resiliency features let customers plan primary working and secondary back up paths within their next-generation access networks.
  • Ability to import as-built networks: Users can now import a previously deployed network into the application when planning an upgrade or addition to their existing networks, using legacy components.
  • Multi-period planning: Allows carriers to more flexibly plan their networks in different time intervals, ultimately increasing planning granularity.

The overall enhancements to the modeling and planning capabilities in OnePlan Access 3.0 are designed to help service providers reduce their planning cycles and time to market, which would give them a significant competitive advantage. Additionally, its equipment modeling and evaluation capabilities give carriers clear insight into the unique cost structure of each element, helping them to compare the economic effectiveness of each vendor offering, using specific real market situations, VPIsystems says.

"As the telecommunications industry evolves to include more complex technology, network resource planning is becoming crucial to the success of service providers," said Hank Firey, CEO, VPIsystems. "We're seeing a paradigm shift in our customers toward monthly or even weekly network planning and analysis, to keep capacity on top of the demand for new technologies and services, while ensuring that they don't over-build the network. As such, the increased planning capabilities in OnePlan Access have become mission-critical for these customers."

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