Monitor and test system

Jan 1st, 1999

Monitor and test system

IMATS integrated monitor and test system Release 5.0 enables network service providers to access STM-1 SDH optical performance information at any point in their network, or at network boundaries, to monitor the level of service being delivered to the customer. The model 9901 STM-1 optical monitor card nonintrusively monitors 155.52-Mbit/sec STM-1 SDH signals to provide regenerator section, multiplex section, administrative unit, and higher-order virtual container performance information. The card provides two independent STM-1 monitor points, each of which is capable of monitoring an STM-1 optical signal with either an AU3 or AU4 format. The card can automatically detect the monitored signal?s frame format.

inrange Technologies Corp.

Mount Laurel, NJ

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