Diamond Technology Reviews 2019

Sept. 21, 2019
BTR's Diamond Technology Reviews, now in its 15th year, is a technology recognition program in which vendors serving the broadband cable industry are invited to submit ...

BTR's Diamond Technology Reviews, now in its 15th year, is a technology recognition program in which vendors serving the broadband cable industry are invited to submit information about products that have been released or upgraded since last year's SCTE Cable-Tec Expo (held in October 2018).

Each entry was assigned to at least three of our expert volunteer judges. To help ensure fairness, similar products from different vendors were reviewed by the same group of panelists. Judges based scores/comments on written material provided by vendors, as well as their own experience with or knowledge of the specific technologies. Review panelists were informed that scores/comments would remain anonymous.

Specifically, judges used the following scale to determine Diamond scores:

  • 1-2: Not a useful product
  • 3.0: Useful product, yet commodity
  • 3.5: Solid product with viable attributes that set it apart
  • 4.0-4.5: Excellent product with technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits
  • 5: Superb product that sets new standard for performance and/or breaks new ground

Each entry’s scores were averaged and rounded to the nearest full or half Diamond. Note that products are grouped by score (with the highest Diamonds ranking first), and then in alphabetical order.

Scores of 3.5 or above are considered superlative and reflect a very positive opinion from the panel. Only products receiving a 3.5 or above are included in this article.

We continued to see several entries applicable to fiber deep and Distributed Access Architecture deployments. Advanced technology from within the test and measurement arena also had a strong showing. Preparing cable operators for virtualization and software-defined networking/network functions virtualization (SDN/NFV) was a common theme as well.

"This year saw in increase in entries based on software, most with an SDN or cloud influence," commented Broadband Technology Report Editorial Director Stephen Hardy, who again served as program director this year. “Our only two 5.0 Diamond recipients fell within this category, which demonstrates how cable operators are moving in this direction.”

As always our Diamond Technology Review judging panel proved tough but fair. “Broadband Technology Report thanks the judges for their hard work and diligence in evaluating so many entries. This year’s Diamond Technology Reviews entries indicate that cable operators continue to benefit from innovation across the network technology spectrum,” Hardy concluded.



Alpha Technologies AlphaGateway, 4.5 Diamonds 

Alpha Technologies XM3.1, 4.0 Diamonds 

Luster Teraband HomeTRAN 2.5, 4.0 Diamonds

Alpha Technologies XMBS with Auto Sync, 3.5 Diamonds 


IQGeo IQ Network Revenue Optimizer, 4.5 Diamonds 

Ciena Blue Planet Inventory, 4.0 Diamonds 


Wirewerks NextSTEP 3-Series Modules, 4.5 Diamonds 

Wirewerks LGXtra Patch Module, 4.0 Diamonds 

Wirewerks NextSTEP Distribution Frame, 4.0 Diamonds 

Wirewerks CableMate - Cable Attachment & Strain Relief Device, 3.5 Diamonds 

Wirewerks ZeroU Patch Panel, 3.5 Diamonds 


Vecima Networks Entra Video QAM Manager, 4.0 Diamonds 


Evolution Digital eMERGE, 3.5 Diamonds 


AFL FOCIS Lightning, 4.5 Diamonds 

AFL FlexScan FS300-325 Quad OTDR, 4.0 Diamonds 

Anritsu Network Master Pro MT1000A, 4.0 Diamonds 

EXFO Optical Xplorer, 4.0 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions DSP-TDR, 4.0 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions DWDM Optical Channel Checker module (OCC-4056C), 4.0 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions Network & Service Companion (NSC-100), 4.0 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions OneExpert CATV ONX 220, 4.0 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions Seeker X, 4.0 Diamonds 


Corning Optical Communications ClearTrack Fiber Pathways, 4.5 Diamonds 

IQGeo myWorld Capture, 4.5 Diamonds 

Ciena 5171 Service Aggregation Switch and Service Aggregation Platform, 4.0 Diamonds 

Corning Optical Communications Local Convergence Point Enclosure, LCPE, 288, 3.5 Diamonds 

Electroline Reverse Node (ERN), 3.5 Diamonds 


Qligent Vision Analytics, 4.5 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions XPERTrak 3.0, 4.5 Diamonds 


EFFIGIS IRXD Ingress Detection Receiver in DAA/RPHY architecture, 4.0 Diamonds 


Ciena WaveLogic 5 Nano, 4.0 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions MAP-2100, 4.0 Diamonds 


Metaswitch Networks Fusion Core, 5.0 Diamonds 

Qwilt Content Delivery Sharing, 4.0 Diamonds 

VIAVI Solutions vNet Fusion, 4.0 Diamonds 

DriveNets Network Cloud, 3.5 Diamonds 


Verimatrix nTitleMe, 5.0 Diamonds 

ATX Networks GigaPass, 4.0 Diamonds 

Vecima Networks MediaScaleX//Video Optimized Storage, 4.0 Diamonds 


Synamedia Virtual Digital Content Manager (vDCM), 4.0 Diamonds 

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