Bandwidth IG and Flexential to jointly offer dark fiber services

May 29, 2024
The new pact will provide dark fiber services to Flexential’s clients.

Bandwidth IG, a rapidly growing dark fiber provider, is partnering with Flexential to deliver connectivity to its Atlanta – Douglasville data center campus—a growing data center hub.

The dark fiber provider is connecting the facility to its newly constructed dark fiber and conduit network, which services Douglasville, Lithia Springs, and other parts of Douglas County.

A recent Modor Intelligence report revealed that the Atlanta data center market is considered one of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S. and is expected to more than triple over the next several years.

Bandwidth IG has expanded its network to provide dark fiber capacity to data centers, like Flexential’s facility located approximately 20 miles west of Atlanta, outside the city’s core business district. Dark fiber facilities are an excellent fit to accommodate the growing bandwidth requirements for Flexential’s ecosystem of colocation services, including cloud capabilities and the ability to connect to multiple data centers across 19 U.S. markets through the Flexential FlexAnywhere™ platform.

While Bandwidth IG’s relationship with Flexential is new, the dark fiber provider has been in Atlanta for several years. Since its Greater Atlanta network was launched in 2019, BandwidthIG’s network has grown from serving primarily downtown to creating additional dark fiber solutions in emerging areas. The company’s Atlanta-area network has grown from 30 route miles in 2019 to more than 170 route miles. In addition to Douglas County, it now reaches parts of Fayette, Rockdale and Newton Counties. 

“Given Atlanta’s strategic positioning as a hub for data center connectivity to other major markets, we anticipate continued expansion and the need for additional dark fiber services,” said Bruce Garrison, CEO of Bandwidth IG. “By intentionally placing networks in emerging areas of Atlanta, we’re creating new opportunities for connectivity and enabling partners like Flexential to deliver fast and reliable services to their customers.” 

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