Twan Korthorst

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Twan Korthorst looks back on an active career in the field of micro and nano technology. During the final stage of his Masters in Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente, he co-founded the Microflown Team, developing world's first particle velocity microphone. In 1996 he started as product engineer at Twente Microproducts (TMP). A milestone was the step of being in charge as the quality manager for the first implementation of ISO 9001 at a MEMS corporation within Europe. After the acquisition of TMP by Kymata, a Scottish based data communications solutions provider based on integrated optics, he occupied the post of Director Operations at Kymata Netherlands (later Alcatel Optronics Netherlands). After his position as Manager Operations at DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics, Twan joined PhoeniX Software in August 2007. (