EXFO accelerates high-speed Ethernet

March 18, 2022

EXFO’s participation in the interoperability demo at OFC with other Ethernet Alliance members highlighted the importance of testing to support key technologies and next-generation optics. Data center operators are challenged to keep up with webscale service demands and need high reliability when deploying thousands of pluggable optics at each site. To meet that industry need, EXFO has created unique interconnect solutions, with client-side testers and supported with a suite of analysis tools to quickly and easily validate interfaces. Interconnect solutions are of paramount importance to support the rise in enterprise and data center adoption of optical interfaces, as well as accommodating legacy deployments. EXFO’s test solutions address the full spectrum of interconnect testing, from 10/25GigE through 800G.  The Ethernet Alliance interoperability demo illustrated next-gen transmission testing up to 800G for PAM4 and NRZ in labs and manufacturing. EXFO’s test solutions, which span the lab to the field, are ready to validate next-generation services.  It's critical to the success of Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) to have the ability to test up to 800G with maximum flexibility and to have the ability to test any interface in the lab or the field. Test and measurement is a key success factor for NEMs who are deploying Ethernet-based solutions in their networks. If the T&M community could not produce the appropriate test solutions, the rest of the ecosystem would be challenged to succeed.