Premier Products

June 1, 2001

Single-channel video
This single-channel video, Model 9284, is designed to transport one channel of composite video in one direction and "up-the-coax" control data in the reverse direction over one optical fiber. Features include up to 62-dB video SNR; typical range of 5,000 ft; small, rugged standalone packaging; and no switches to set.
Optelecom Inc., Gaithersburg, MD

Integration platform
The PHOTONIC CHIP optical subassembly integration platform uses photolithographically fabricated wafers of micro-optics, then integrates passive and active functions using additional photolithographic and/or die bonding steps. This integration platform can be applied to optical subassemblies for internal wavelength blockers, parallel transmitter and receiver arrays, and high-efficiency collimating lens arrays (1xn and nxn).
Digital Optics Corp., Charlotte, NC


Dynamic spectral equalizer
The DGEP dynamic spectral equalizer is a modular subsystem that provides gain flattening and tilt control in optical networks. It utilizes patented all-fiber acousto-optical filter technology to accomplish dynamic optical filtering in the fiber, delivering high performance with low insertion loss. Network equipment providers can implement dynamic, automatic modification of the spectral-gain characteristics of optical amplifiers to compensate for gain shape changes, gain tilt, and accumulated gain ripple. When inserted into the mid-stage of EDFA line amplifiers, DGEP equalizers compensate for spectral impairments in either the C- or L-band.
Novera Optics, San Jose, CA

Optical-networking solution
The XDM is a next-generation, multiservice, multiplayer, hybrid optical-networking solution. The product is a "build-as-you-grow" network solution that scales from the metro edge to regional networks within the same platform, thereby minimizing network complexity, cost, and provisioning times. Designed as an integrated 5-in-1 platform, the XDM combines in a single shelf: multiring SONET/SDH and data networking together with a full suite of long-haul DWDM optical networking, a distributed digital crossconnect system, and instant end-to-end provisioning.
Lightscape Networks, Herndon, VA


Optical-core switch
The MultiWave CoreDirector is an intelligent optical-networking-core switch, designed to deliver a wide range of differential end-to-end optical capacity across the network, with flexible protection options and operational simplicity. The product provides 640 Gbits/sec of nonblocking, bidirectional switching in a single bay, with the ability to upgrade to 38 Tbits. It supports 256 individually service able OC-48/STM-16 or 64 OC-192/STM-64 interfaces, as well as OC-12/STM-4 and OC-3/STM-1 optical interfaces to accommodate legacy switches and routers. In addition, all optical interfaces can be configured as concatenated for wavelength switching or channelized for grooming and switching at STS-1 granularity for maximum flexibility.
CIENA, Linthicum, MD

Splitters/couplersThese splitters/couplers are suitable for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications. The company's PHASIC (photonic hybrid active silica integrated circuit) design and manufacturing process delivers photonic devices that quickly scale to higher volumes, allowing for more rapid network deployment. Features include low insertion loss and a small footprint. The products are available in 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, and 1x32 configurations. Applications include passive optical networks, 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications, and a wide range of system applications, including telecom, datacom, and cable TV.Lumenon, Ville St. Laurent, Quebec

CWDM modules
This family of four-channel and eight-channel CWDM modules are designed to address the needs of the metro-optical Ethernet market. These products provide optical-networking equipment manufacturers a tool in supporting the demand for higher bandwidth equipment build-outs in the enterprise access and MAN. The four-channel modules multiplex four DFB lasers in the 1,500-nm window to provide a family of products carrying aggregate data rates of 2.5 Gbits/sec, 5 Gbits/sec, 10 Gbits/sec, and 12.5 Gbits/sec. These modules support a variety of link budgets-from 3 dB to 20 dB.
Luminent, Chatsworth, CA

Optical transponder
The 10G-7500 transponder is a clear-channel optical device used to transmit and receive ultra-long-haul optical signals in the company's Extreme fiber-optic systems. Extreme is a DWDM multiplexed terrestrial system that carries up to 64 wavelength channels on a single fiber pair over distances ranging up to 7,500 km. Each transponder terminates one OC-192c/STM-64c channel. Other features include hot-swappable circuit packs, which avoid interrupting existing services when introducing new channels; dynamic end-to-end service provisioning and restoration; second-generation field-proven 10-Gbit/sec design; and ITU-compliant 50-GHz channel spacing.
Terraworx, Shrewsbury, NJ

Active/passive components
This full spectrum of standard and semi-customized active and passive discrete products complement the company's silica and InP product offerings. They are designed for long-haul, access, DWDM, metro, SONET, and SDH transmission systems as well as cable-TV applications. These off-the-shelf components allow equipment manufacturers to begin system test beds and field trials. Every device is tested for compatibility with industry standards, making them plug-and-play simple. Standard features include very low power consumption, wide operating-temperature range, and industry-standard package and configuration.
Nanovation Technologies Inc., Northville, MI


Cutting machine
The FO 7010 cuts and removes the Kevlar material of fiber-optic cables with complete accuracy, according to the company. A vacuum system, activated by means of a foot pedal, separates the Kevlar material from the optical conductor of the cable. The Kevlar is then positioned between the cutting head and anvil.
Schleuniger, Manchester, NH

TEST EQUIPMENTFiber-optic adapterThe OMNIFiber SM adapter transforms any OMNIScanner into a comprehensive laser-based singlemode fiber-optic certification tool. The product measures optical loss and length at 1,310- and 1,550-nm wavelengths. In OMNIFiber SM, the fiber testing is delivered by checking duplex fibers in both directions, at both wavelengths, from a single autotest. Results are automatically compared against fiber-optic standards to certify links instantly and are also stored for subsequent certification reporting. Results are also assessed against fiber-optic applications such as Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel, and the OMNIFiber then delivers a list of applications that a fiber installation can successfully run.Microtest Inc., Phoenix

Temperature-control module
This 3.0 amp TEC temperature-control module is designed for the company's LDC-3916 and LDC-3908 multichannel laser-diode controllers. The LDC-3916558 module is suitable for controlling TE coolers in high-power pump lasers. With 8 V of compliance voltage, this module is also suitable for case temperature control and for driving resistive heaters with the UCA-350 adapter.
ILX Lightwave Corp., Bozeman, MT

PDL test instrumentsThe TQ-5100B polarization scrambler and the TQ-3400B PDL meter measure polarization-dependent loss (PDL). The TQ-5100B offers a low activation loss, nearly 20 times lower than that of the first-generation polarization controller. The TQ-3400B uses a scanning method to measure PDL, polarization-dependent coupling ratio, optical return loss, and insertion loss.EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc., Quebec City, Quebec
Field-services test moduleThe 2510 10-Gbit field-services test module is designed for the company's TestPad 2000 platform. Weighing nine pounds, the solution is portable and handheld for field testing of 10-Gbit signals on SONET and SDH networks at speeds up to OC-192c and STM-64c. The 2510 module is designed for use by service providers and manufacturers to turn up, maintain, and troubleshoot optical networks worldwide. Featuring the company's TestPad, the 2510 simulates network traffic while running end-to-end tests to detect errors, determine quality of service, and ensure continuity and synchronization.Acterna, Germantown, MD

TEC temperature controller
The Model 2510-AT autotuning TEC SourceMeter is designed for testing and control of thermoelectric coolers used in telecom laser-diode modules. By combining temperature control and measurement capabilities, the product allows precise control of LDM wavelength and light-intensity output, plus shorter setup times and higher production throughput. It is GPIB-controlled and automatically optimizes the proportional-integral-derivative coefficients of the temperature control loop.
Keithley Instruments Inc., Cleveland


Network planning software
DesignIQ ring version 2.1 is powered by the company's routing and optimization algorithm engine and is fully automated design and optimization software for planning and designing communication networks. The product helps engineering and customer service teams rapidly design optimized legacy and next-generation communication networks, according to the company. DesignIQ supports legacy and next-generation networks, automatically determines ring and demand placement using advanced heuristics, designs networks with any line speed, and designs networks using various technologies.
TelOptica, Richardson, TX

VCSEL alignment features
Two new features are available on the company's Model 410 and Model 860 Omni laser bonders for enhancing precision during pickup and alignment of VCSELs with target sites on submounts. The video image marker creates and stores a fixed video overlay of crosshairs in the form of a bit map for centering the VCSEL's emission point as well as up to 10 different video patterns that can be superimposed on the submount on which the VCSEL is to be bonded. The precision station allows the VCSEL to be taken from a Gel Pak with an unheated tool without damaging the Gel Pak and then to subsequently be handled with a preheated tool in preparation for placement on the submount.
Semiconductor Equipment Corp., Moorpark, CA

Compiled by Leah Gladu