Premier Products

April 1, 2001

Wireless network system
Canonbeam III is a field-proven optical wireless transmission system. Canonbeam's secure light beam is capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 622 Mbits/sec, providing a cost-efficient connection that can be set up in about one hour. Features include an auto-tracking system and 3R repeater technology for reliable links; connections across a straight-line distance of up to 2 km; accommodation of Fast Ethernet, FDDI, and ATM/OC-3; and optional SNMP.
Canon USA Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Optical-driver amplifiers
This solid-state optical-driver amplifier and subsystem technology is designed for use in OC-192 fiber-optic communications. For optical-driver/modulator applications, a series of amplifiers has been designed for use in applications such as OC-192 as well as several other high-speed opto applications up to 20 Gbits/sec. The amplifier provides gain of 18 dB and a minimum power of 10 dB from 10 MHz to 15 GHz with a flatness of +/-2.2 dB. To accommodate other optical modulation formats, the company offers custom integration of amplifier (both narrowband and wide bandwidths), mixer, phase shift, and attenuator functions in subsystem modules for performance up to 40 GHz.
CTT Wireless, Santa Clara, CA

Systems and Subsystems

Modular switching routers
The AR800 series of modular switching routers are designed to deliver flexibility for a standalone router. The series routers harness the power of Ethernet for WANs by combining WAN connectivity options with multiple Ethernet ports for extended LAN/WAN interconnectivity. The first two members of the AR800 family-the AT-AR824 and the AT-AR816-provide flexible solutions for optimizing wide-area connectivity in a host of different applications. A fully configured AR824 switching router can aggregate up to as many as 28 T1 connections into a redundant Gigabit Ethernet link.
Allied Telesyn, Bothell, WA

Gigabit media converter
The 1000SX/LX-SC Gigabit Ethernet converter is a 1000Base-SX to 1000Base-LX converter configured with two SC-type fiber-optic connectors. This conversion method allows 1000Base-SX multimode fiber to 1000Base-LX and extends the total Gigabit Ethernet connectivity distance up to 10 km. The converter is compliant with IEEE802.3z standard that comes in a compact size for ease of installation. It can either be operated as a standalone or it can be installed in the company's rack-mountable media converter center chassis. It can deliver to the speed of Gigabit Ethernet to increase the performance of networks. It also supports half/full duplex modes.
PUREDATA Inc., Irvine, CA,

Ethernet IP gateway
An Ethernet IP gateway for residential and enterprise applications, the Volition IP gateway uses the company's VF-45 fiber technology to enable fiber to penetrate further into the network, enabling a fiber interface inside the residence or enterprise. The product is designed for use by IP service providers that offer video-on-demand, high-speed Internet service, and telephony. The gateway features a fiber uplink port that connects to a fiber switch. With the potential to deliver 100 Gbits/sec, the product can accommodate DVD-quality video-on-demand services, HDTV/CATV, local television channels, high-speed Internet service, and local and long-distance phone services simultaneously.
3M, St. Paul, MN

Optical switch
The TITAN 6700 optical switch has enough capacity to carry 80 million simultaneous Internet calls. The product enables carriers to manage more than 10 Tbits of traffic in its initial release and will grow with carriers' demands to manage transparent wavelengths in a future release. Located in the core of the network, the switch serves as the foundation of next-generation, large-scale intelligent optical networks. Along with wavelength management, the switch enables carriers to connect, aggregate, protect, restore, and switch traffic through their core transport backbone with efficiencies and capacity required by next-generation networks.
Tellabs, Lisle, IL

Optical packet node
The iOPN2000 is a fully integrated networking node that incorporates light-speed packet processing with high-capacity optical switching. iOPN2000 simplifies IP-over-optics networking for metropolitan and regional networks by eliminating unnecessary network elements/layers and consolidating critical functions into a single carrier-class networking node. The product fully integrates packet processing and optical networking in a single element. By integrating IP and optics, the product reduces complexity and cost and provides enhanced capabilities.
Village Networks, Eatontown, NJ

Serial digital video distribution
The DTV-200 series of modular serial digital video distribution and fiber-optic product line is intended to ease the engineering and financial difficulties associated with the migration to DTV. The line will provide a solution for the coaxial and fiber-optic transport and distribution of almost any digital signal from 50 to 1.5 Gbits/sec. The series is available in modular plug-in cards compatible with the company's UTIL-200 series of Grass Valley compatible modular trays. Supported standards include SMPTE 259M serial digital Interfaces, 4:2:2 component and wide screen, 540 Mbits/sec 4:4:4:4, SONET/SDH, and ATM.
Multidyne, Locust Valley, NY


Transceiver chip
This patent-pending CMOS transceiver chip transfers data at 3.125 Gbits/sec and contains eight full-duplex channels for an aggregate bandwidth of 50 Gbits/sec. The nPower BBT3800 is capable of good performance gains because it is built from patent-pending technology that uses one-third the power of other transceivers, according to the company. This low-power feature (200 mW per channel) allows multiple BBT3800 chips to work in parallel. The device will boost the performance of the Internet by allowing the use of advanced serial backplanes to eliminate bottlenecks in Internet routers and terabit switches.
BitBlitz Communications Inc., Milipitas, CA

Dual 2x2 crosspoint switch
The MAX3840 is a 3.3-V dual-path crosspoint switch for signals up to 2.7 GHz. The device offers internal signal terminations and signal-path redundancy for critical data streams, making the product suitable for DWDM and SDH/SONET transport, digital crossconnect, and high-speed serial backplane applications where space is at a premium. Each crosspoint can fan out and/or multiplex 2.7-Gbit/sec data and 2.7-GHz clock signals. All CML inputs and outputs are internally terminated to 50 ohms, and each CML output stage can be powered down when not in use to conserve power.
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Digital-wrapper and FEC deviceThe Hudson S19203 is a 10-Gbit/sec silicon device architectured to support both the evolving G.709 digital-wrapper standard and traditional SONET/SDH infrastructures. The Hudson variable rate, digital-wrapper framer/ deframer and performance monitor device facilitates the transparent transport of multiple protocols across the network while aiding interconnection between multiple carriers. Hudson incorporates programmable forward error correction for rates up to 10.66 Gbits/sec and supports OC-192 transmission standards. Applied Micro Circuits Corp., San Diego, CA

Fused couplers
This line of fused components includes wideband couplers, splitters, taps, coarse WDMs, and gain-flattening filters. The fused components are passive fiber-optic devices used for both splitting and combining optical signals in high-capacity transport networks utilizing DWDM technology, as well as for network-monitoring applications. The components are used in a variety of network topologies, including long-haul, metro, and access markets and for the transmission of voice, video, and data optical signals.
FONS Corp., Northboro, MA

Build-up sleevesThe company's Thread-Lock connectors, available in SC, FC, and ST styles, now come equipped with a silicone, 900-micron build-up sleeve that is split for easy snap-on installation. Requiring no special tools for assembly, these epoxyless, no-crimp connectors can be used with all common types of fiber cable, including jacketed, buffered, and gel-filled varieties. Additionally, a new Universal Consumables Kit is available for both singlemode and multimode terminations. The kit comes with polyester wipes, alcohol pads, music wire, and 12-, 3-, and 0.3-micron lapping film.Leviton, Bothell, WA

ITU channel grid DWDM device
This 200-GHz spacing, ITU channel grid DWDM device is manufactured based on thin-film-filter technology and offers low channel insertion loss, plus high center wavelength accuracy and high adjacent band isolation characteristics. Each device is manufactured under a micro-optomechanical fusion technique, resulting in a good passband curve. It has a typical transmit channel insertion loss of 0.8 dB and reflect channel insertion loss of 0.35 dB.
HD FiberSystems Inc., Santa Clara, CA


Cable-manager system
The network cable-manager system includes two varieties of durable molded plastic horizontal panels designed to manage high-performance copper and fiber cables on standard EIA 19-inch racks. The panels occupy two rack spaces each and are available in a 3x3-inch front-only version and a 3x3-inch front, 2x5-inch rear version. The panels' integral bend-radius feature maintains cable-bend radii in all cable pathways, while their curved fingers help separate and organize cable for easy moves, adds, and changes. Pass-through holes for cable simplify installation and maintenance, and the integral wire retainers hold cable securely in place.
Panduit Corp., Tinley Park, IL

Preterminated patch enclosuresThe new RPA series preterminated patch enclosures are both 19- and 23-inch rack- mountable and utilize the company's patented single-finger Quick-Pack adapter plates. RPA series enclosures can patch 72, 96, or 144 fibers within a 7-inch high rack space. The enclosures can fit into the company's new RK series rack, permitting as many as 1,440 fibers in a 7-foot rack. Enclosures can be supplied with preterminated cable stubs in ribbon or stranded fiber cable style or loaded with pigtails for routing to splice enclosures.The Siemon Co., Watertown, CT,
Cable tray systemCentray is an integrated wire-management system. The labor-saving design simplifies the support and routing of power and telecom/teledata cabling. Only a single hanger rod is used at each support point. The high-strength aluminum tray is available in standard 12-foot lengths, in widths from 6 to 24 inches and load depths from 3 to 6 inches. Wall-mounted systems are also offered in both single- and double-tier designs. The system includes a full line of splice connectors, couplings, hangers, and accessories to handle any routing requirements.Chalfant Cable Tray, Cleveland, OH
Fiber-optic radius-control moduleThis radius-control module (RCM) is designed to provide BICSI-recommended minimum bend radius for sensitive fiber-optic cables, assuring consistent data transmission in telecommunications and data-communications networks. NEBS compliant, the product's snap-in-place design speeds wiring integration efforts. The RCM product line includes radius-control modules in three different widths: 3 inches, 1.75 inches, and 1 inch. The universal RCM is designed to snap on to any sheet-metal edge up to 0.104 inches for typical cabinet wire egress.Device Technologies Marlorough, MA

Cabling solution
OPTIMo is a high-capacity, high-performance fiber-optic structured cabling system featuring a broad selection of interconnect options. Created to meet the demands for bandwidth, this end-to-end optical solution features standards to ensure a robust cabling infrastructure. The OPTIMo line features products including MT-RJ jack/plug, MT-RJ feed-through, and LC, ST, and FC compatibility.
Ortronics Inc., New London, CT

Test Equipment
Jitter test solutionThis jitter module for the company's ANT-10Gig advanced network tester measures jitter and wander at the OC-192/STM-64 hierarchy level with a single, compact instrument. Measurements comply with ITU-T recommendation 0.172, and MTIE/TDEV evaluation is possible.Acterna, Eningen, Germany

Laser-diode parameter analyzer
The LPA-9080 laser-diode parameter analyzer redefines ease of use, power, and flexibility in parametric analysis systems for laser diodes. The product combined with the SPA-9070 parametric analysis application Windows-based software provides the basis for an optimized system for rapid, accurate characterization of light, current, and voltage. Built-in Access database provides easy data export to other applications.
ILX Lightwave Corp., Bozeman, MT

Handheld test set
New software has been released for the SunSet SDH, a comprehensive handheld test set for testing SDH, PDH, and T-carrier testing with ATM functionality. The product provides multifunctional service verification tools. It allows field technicians to verify their networks for both transmission and service qualities. New features include ATM testing capabilities at 155 Mbits/sec: traffic generation, OAM decode, and QoS measurements; full PDH testing capabilities as well as structured mode and PDH mux/demux testing optional error performance analysis per ITU-T G.826, M.2100, and M.2101 for bringing-into-service and in-service monitoring of SDH, PDH, and T-carrier links; APS timing measurement; and histogram analysis for long-term testing.
Sunrise Telecom, San Jose, CA

Laser-source modulesThis family of high-power, distributed-feedback laser-source modules allow high throughput and cost reductions in research and development and manufacturing by bringing a set of robust testing solutions to companies involved in optical-amplifier testing, as well as in the deployment of optical transmission technology such as DWDM systems. The 81663A DFB laser modules feature minimized inventory and maintenance costs with reliable, compact, and easy-to-integrate high-performance systems; full remote control of the modules via the 816xA VXI plug-and-play driver; and the capability of installing up to 17 DFB modules in a single mainframe and combining an unlimited number of them.Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA

Multifiber ribbon test system
The ribbon test system (RTS) performs return- and insertion-loss measurements on terminated fiber-optic ribbon cables, MT-RJ patchcords, and other multifiber cables. The system is designed to obtain, record, and process measurement data and generate customized reports. fiberWORKS RTS software, running on a PC-compatible workstation, controls the system hardware via a GPIB/IEEE-488 interface. RTS permits concurrent insertion-loss and return-loss measurements on up to 64 fibers at a time while eliminating the need for time-consuming mandrel wraps.
RIFOCS Corp., Camarillo, CA

Design and Manufacturing

Environmental test chambers
These environmental test chambers feature a full compliment of fiber-management solutions for testing fiber-optic and photonic components. Fiber-management trays and access ports are designed to optimize chamber performance, minimize moisture and heat leakage, and reduce the risk of damaging fragile fiber-optic cables. Fiber-optic product trays can randomly be introduced or removed without compromising internal chamber environmental conditions. Chambers can be configured with fixturing racks to facilitate proper in-situ testing, reduce setup time, and minimize product handling.
Thermotron, Holland, MI

Connector cleaning cassette
The universal connector cleaning cassette is designed for use when installing and cleaning all ferruled connectors, including pinned MTP and UniCam MT-RJ connectors. This pocket-sized unit is designed for ease of operation, as the cassette features a cleaning tape on wheels, allowing fresh tape to be advanced as needed. To facilitate the cleaning of pinned connectors, the cleaning tape is backed by a clearance runner, permitting contact of the tape and the connector's endface between the connector pins.
Corning Cable Systems, Hickory, NC

Raman fiber laser
The Streamline-RL is a totally integrated, turnkey Raman fiber laser system designed for telecommunications component development and Telcordia reliability testing. The product consists of a rack-mounted box containing a single 35-W semiconductor laser bar pump source, the fiber laser, a cascaded Raman cavity, and all associated power supply and control electronics. The product delivers more than 5 W of randomly polarized output power from a SMF-28 singlemode fiber. Available output wavelengths include 1,450 nm, 1,455 nm, and 1,480 nm.
Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, CA