Premier Products

April 1, 2002
Assembly/bonding machineThe SMA 1000 fully automated assembly and bonding machine for optoelectronic devices achieves post-bonding accuracies of up to ±1 micron at 3 Sigma and handles any delicate component under permanent force and vision control. It is based on the company's Autoplace 411 high-precision, six-axis robot. The linear axis has a resolution of 0.5 micron and a repeatability of ±1 micron, while having a wide stoke of 800 mm for the X axis. Various standard bonding processes can be integrated directly into the system.Sysmelec Inc.,Old Lyme, CT

Spot cure unit
The Bluepoint 3 spot cure unit is available with multiple spectra filtering options, PLC interfacing capabilities, and multilegged light guides. With an auto-ranging transformer, the unit is also easily adapted to international use.
Honle UV America Inc.,
Marlboro, MA

Multiservice switchLambdaUnite MultiService Switch (MSS) provides a bridge between data-intense metro networks and high-speed optical core networks, connecting cities, campuses, and corporate networks to the larger long-haul public networks. The optical transport system and switch combines switching capacity, functionality, density, and flexibility in one box and an extremely small footprint. It supports SONET and SDH and enables service providers to seamlessly upgrade their networks to 40 Gbits/sec. LambdaUnite MSS is a combination of a TDM optical transport system with built-in switching capacity of up to 640 Gbits/sec per bay. Its flexible architecture handles a variety of interfaces ranging from 155 Mbits/sec to 40 Gbits/sec and can support bandwidth increases with the addition of a hardware pack, giving service providers the ability to cost-effectively manage complex networks.Lucent Technologies,Murray Hill, NJ, and Nuremburg, Germany

Voltage-controlled compensator
SmartAMPLET POP1040 is a voltage-controlled variable gain loss compensator. With a credit-card-sized footprint, it's at least 33% smaller than mini- or micro-amplifiers, according to the company, and requires six times less electrical power. It also works similar to operational amplifiers, using direct analog voltage to change and adjust settings instead of complex serial communication. SmartAMPLET is built on the company's proprietary Programmable Optical Processor platform and powered by its Simple Subsystem Management Protocol.
Dowslake Microsystems,
Santa Clara, CA

C-band amplifierThe FAF PoM polarization maintaining C-band amplifier provides a gain of 32 dB in the 1530-1560-nm wavelength range, with a noise figure of <5.5 dB. The single-stage design is pumped at 980 nm in a forward configuration; the dual-stage design is under development. The bench-top instrument offers a polarization extinction ratio of up to 25 dB.INO,Quebec City

PLC splitter
The 1x8 planar-lightwave-circuit (PLC) Splitter aids design engineers in cable TV, access, ATM PON, and other broadband system applications, significantly reducing the space needed for branching fiber-optic signals. Based on silica/silica and silica/silicon waveguide fabrication technologies, the PLC Splitter features a small-footprint OEM-friendly housing, high uniformity across all ports and wavelengths, low insertion loss, and ultra-low PDL performance across all ports. It is available with factory-mount connector types, including SC, FC, LC, and MU.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA


Chromatic dispersion analyzer
The FTB-5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer, a high-performance test module contained inside the FTB-400 field-testing platform, is for deployments and upgrades of high-speed DWDM networks. It enables field technicians to test sections of a link as well as the entire link at once, because the analyzer can sweep through amplifiers such as EDFAs. It also uses full-wavelength characterization.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc.,
Quebec City

Signal analyzer
The CSA8000B Series Communications Signal Analyzer, coupled with the 80C08 Optical Sampling Module, offers measurement sensitivity and throughput required for emerging 10-Gigabit Ethernet manufacturing production requirements. The CSA8000B accommodates up to eight channels (a combination of up to two optical and eight electrical channels) and can be configured to address any of the prevailing optical data communications and telecommunications data rates between 155 Mbits/sec and 40 Gbits/sec in operation today. It supports modules with optical and electrical bandwidths to 50 GHz and provides more than 100 automated measurements. The 80C08 Optical Sampling Module uses an amplified optical-electrical converter to deliver low noise level (2 microW RMS typical) and high optical sensitivity (-13 dBm).
Beaverton, OR


Fiber enclosures
FiberSmart field-configured Black Fiber Rack Series Enclosures have a configurable panel architecture that allows for the use of modular RS6 Series adapter strips for maximum flexibility. These enclosures also offer patch capacity of 144 fibers and support up to 48 splices. The option for higher-splice-count applications is available with the rack patch splice series. An installation kit provides TIA/EIA-606 color-coded network administration labels, management clips, and cable tie-off hardware. The versatile design allows for both flush and recess mounting, and the enclosures can be mounted in 19- or 23-inch equipment frames. Patch capacities include 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, and 144 ports.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand,
Syracuse, NY