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1101 02lw Gigoptix

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1101 02lw Gigoptix


The LX8220 is a compact 40G DQPSK optical modulator enabling 4.5×5.5" 300-pin transponders for metro applications. Its low drive voltage ensures low power consumption without compromising on optical performance.


USB To Fiber Optic Bit-Driver1103 04lwshow Sitech

S.I. Tech

Supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 plug and play, multimode or singlemode for secure communication, remote security cameras, instruments, or other USB devices, extended-distance. EMI/RFI immunity. Order: 1.KIT #26 for complete multimode system. 11.3181/3182 for tempest version.


IntelliGain™ Optical Channel Performance Monitors C, L, CWDM, Wideband

BaySpec, Inc.1201lwshow Bayspec

100% Made-in-the-USA, BaySpec’s Optical Channel Monitors feature ultra fast sub-50 milli-second response, high compact size, and low power consumption. With over 30,000 units shipped, the ruggedized design ensures long life – now available in reduced height option <10mm!


LightSpeed™ 1000

GL Communications Inc.1211lwshow Gl Communication

OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/STM-4 Analysis and Emulation LightSpeed 1000 is a Dual OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/STM-4 PCIe card designed for monitoring ATM, Packet over Sonet, RAW, and Ethernet traffic at wirespeed. It allows Monitoring, BERT, Emulation, Capture, and Protocol analysis on both optical and Ethernet ports.


FTE7500A PON OTDR1211lwshow Terahertz

Terahertz Technologies Inc.

The US made FTE-7500A-131516ACT is an OTDR for in-service testing and trouble shooting of PON networks at 1625nm. Included are a standard 1310/1550nm OTDR, Autowave LTS, Video Scope and VFL.


Optical Wavelength Meters

Bristol Instruments1203lwshow Bristol

Optical wavelength meters precisely characterize the wavelength of DWDM lasers. Multi-wavelength meters measure wavelength, power, and OSNR of DWDM signals. High accuracy and reliability achieve the most meaningful test results.

EQUIPMENT DESIGN1201lwshow Krell

Rev2 Micro-Polisher

Krell Technologies

Rev2 automates connector air-polishing using a “micro-feed” feature that gradually lowers the ferrule to the polishing surface at a controlled rate. This provides superior control for fiber-denub and epoxy removal.


Coherent 64 Gbaud Photodetector1209 10lwshow U2t

u2t Photonics AG

The CPDV1200R extends u²t’s family of highly integrated coherent products. It consists of a polarization diversity network as well as two 90° hybrids and 4 balanced photodiode pairs monolithically integrated on InP.


FastMT — The Fastest Automated Auto-Focus Inspection Available... Without Scrolling! Inspect • Certify1211lwshow Fiberqa


FastMT simultaneously auto-focuses 4-72 individual fiber displays while certifying results on 8, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 MT connector regions.


Optical Cellular Backhaul

Lindsay Tough Optical Solutions1211lwshow Lindsaybroadband

Lindsay Broadband offers robust and economical optical products to expand capacity to your 3G, 4G, LTE Cellular Tower Sites. Lindsay’s modular, chassis-based Media converters, SFP transceivers, and our outdoor-hardened CWDM and DWDM multiplexers/demultiplexers enables operators to expand capacity to Cellular tower sites over existing fiber cable.

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