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Oct. 1, 2005
For indoor and outdoor environments, the LightLink OptiNid OPN-1224 optical demarcation enclosure is capable of housing up to 24 bulkhead adapters in two 118 LGX-compatible adapter plates. Especially suited for MDUs, including apartment buildings and condos, it can be either wall- or pole-mounted and comes equipped with a splice tray, which holds up to 24 single fusion splices. The enclosure features a weather-resistant thermoplastic alloy, self-latching hinged cover design to allow easy access without loose parts, and self-sealing individual entrance ports to prevent water and insects from entering. Locations on the front cover are available for custom logos.AFL Telecommunications,
For fusion splicing, field termination, and other precision applications, the FC-7 handheld fiber cleaver eliminates not only the typical three- or two-step cleaving process, but allows cleaving single and mass (up to four-fiber ribbon) splicing of singlemode and multimode fibers-taut-sheath splicing or limited slack applications-using only one step and one hand to increase ease, functionality, and efficiency. The one-step process is achieved by automating both the blade and anvil in a lightweight (300-g) compact design that can be held in the palm of the hand. For quick and easy access to storage, the cleaver’s case doubles as a handy tool pouch, which fastens easily to the technician’s tool belt. The cleaver also features a built-in fiber scrap collector that handles scrap fibers resulting from the cleaving process. Following a clean precise cleave, the lid is raised, allowing the collector to automatically grab and safely store the fibers. The cleaver prevents double scoring of fibers and offers a typical cleave angle of <0.5 degrees.Sumitomo Electric Lightwave,

The Telcordia-compliant Proton handheld and battery-operated field polisher incorporates independent suspension and an optically aligned workholder design to provide singlemode UPC and APC finishes. It can polish connectors sideways and at most orientations, permitting access to cabling in the tight confines of wire closets, crossconnects, and fiber nodes. Mil-spec and custom adapters are also available.
Krell Technologies,

For LAN or data-center/SAN applications, OptiMo rack-mount fiber cabinets provide excellent stability and control of backbone cables as they enter the rear of the cabinet and feature expanded rear access for easy installation and maintenance. Available in patch, splice, or patch/splice versions in 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U sizes, they are significantly deeper for more space as well as managing optical fibers. The cabinets are designed around the 10.5-inch Mighty Mo 6 copper and fiber cable management system vertical channels for improved cable management and physical support of today’s larger active electronics. Newly added features on the front of the cabinets enhance the management of fiber patch cords as they exit the cabinets. Also available are a range of adapter panels with SC and LC adapters for singlemode or multimode applications as well as alternate connectors.Ortronics/Legrand,
The FTB-8510G Packet Blazer (an interchangeable module housed inside the FTB-400 UTS) tests 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in optical networks to ensure QoS at such transmission rates. Test capabilities like packet-jitter, traffic generation, analysis, and RFC 2544 (a testing methodology that includes throughput, latency, and frame-loss measurements) are readily available to thoroughly test Ethernet-based IP networks and ensure that delay-sensitive applications like VoIP and VoD meet prescribed SLAs.Using a flexible configuration, the test module can characterize LAN and/or WAN physical interfaces with the same unit at all available wavelengths. All interfaces are field-exchangeable and provide the suppleness to test any standard 10-GbE access point in a network, particularly in field, central office, and carrier lab applications.EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering,
Addressing the test challenges triple-play services impose across the core, edge, and broadband access networks, the N2X multiservices tester uses emulation software, focused built applications, and hardware test cards to accurately characterize the ability of next generation devices like B-RAS and IP-DSLAMs. The tester provides insight into each end-user IPTV subscriber and verifies the performance of broadband access devices under real world traffic conditions. It also verifies the multicast scalability limits and interoperability of edge routers; validates functional conformance of carrier Ethernet services across the UNI; simplifies and accelerates testing of network reliability, saving months of engineering effort by automating IETF-based high-availability test methodologies; thoroughly tests the various elements of high-availability procedures using complete and concurrent multiprotocol graceful restart emulation for OSPF, IS-IS, RSVP, BGP, and LDP; and performs thorough stressing of the routing and traffic scalability for IPv4 and IPv6 at 10-Gigabit Ethernet or even up to 40-Gbit/sec PoS.Agilent Technologies,

The “B” version P1S12-B, P1S22-B, and P1S18-B 1×2, 2×2, and 1×8 singlemode optical switches offer reduced insertion loss and higher repeatability for applications such as optical crossconnects, OADMs, ring protect (restoration), signal monitoring, routing, and testing in transmission and metro access networks.The 1×2 and 2×2 switches are compact (12.6×31.6×8.4 mm), featuring a space-saving design achieved by micro optic “VW” mirrored prisms. The small 1×8 switch (16×63.5×8.5 mm) is developed around a purpose-made polarized magnetic linear actuator assembly, consisting of a specially developed sensor and latch mechanism coupled to a prism. The switch offers a true bidirectional function and accurately sets and maintains a latched condition regardless of axis or ­inclination.
Omron Electronics Components,

Where dedicated bandwidth, enhanced diagnostics, and a secure PON connection are required, the 16-channel CWDM Metro Area Transport Platform supports 2.5-Gbit/sec data rates so PON service providers can deploy systems for high-bandwidth buildouts in enterprise access and metro networks. The platform includes multiplexing, demultiplexing, and OADM functionality, combining the broad range of capabilities of passive optical CWDM technology with SFP transceivers and network-element management to achieve flexibility and scalability as well as create a robust and flexible managed point-to-point or ring network. The platform uses wavelength-specific optics configured in a 1-RU chassis with out-of-band management. Users can increase the capacity of existing fiber by using widely spaced, separate wavelengths based on the ITU G.694.2 standard within the same fiber pair, supporting up to 16 different channels, each carrying up to 2.5 Gbits/sec of bandwidth, through the expansion port on the four-channel multiplexer. The expansion port allows additional wavelengths to be combined on a single fiber pair by “chaining” multiplexers before final network connection.
Entrada Networks,

Passive Device Suite 6.0 provides an environment that allows the use of different simulation programs to model various aspects of photonic components. The software includes a significantly enhanced control program as well as important updates to the simulation tools. Functionalities enable new application areas to be addressed, including high-contrast silicon photonic ICs, photonic crystal cavities, LED efficiency, image sensors, meta-materials, and optical metrology. Versions of these programs are provided on both 64-bit Windows and Linux platforms. A comprehensive material editor easily defines most material properties for both permittivity and permeability. Other enhancements include 3D index visualization and direct input of user data through symbol table functions.
RSoft Design Group,

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