New Products

Oct. 1, 1999

This environmentally sealed fiber-optic modular system based on component modular designs gives the end user flexibility in resolving application needs and an off-the-shelf capability that minimizes turnaround time and component and system costs. Hermetic fiber-optic feed throughs, connectors, probes, cable assemblies, and distribution boxes are designed to meet the growing process and sensor markets for fiber-optic system and sensor transmission that require reliable performance in abusive and corrosive environments. The singlemode and multimode fiber-optic feedthroughs and connectors are available in many styles and types and have a maximum leak rate of 1x10-9 cc helium/second.
Three E Laboratories Inc.
Lansdale, PA

The DigiLink 8000 is a digital-video networking system that can send up to eight video and 32 audio signals across a fiber-optic cable. A range of laser choices, including wideband and narrowband ITU wavelengths, allows seamless integration with optical-networking equipment. The DigiLink 8000 supports cable-TV and telecom applications.
Artel Video System Inc.
Marlborough, MA

The TITAN 6500 multiservice transport switch (MTS) is a flexible, scalable networking system that delivers broadband digital crossconnect, SONET/SDH gateway, DWDM, and data-switching capabilities in a single platform. It can be equipped with any combination of DS-3/STS-1 (45/52-Mbit/sec), OC-3/STM-1 (155-Mbit/sec), OC-12/STM-4 (622-Mbit/sec), and OC-48/STM-16 (2.5-Gbit/sec) port interfaces. The TITAN 6500 will allow service providers to smoothly migrate network capacity from sonet/sdh-based management to ATM- and IP-based management as the proportion of data traffic in the network increases.
Lisle, IL

A new line of DWDMs, add/drop multiplexers (ADMs), and bandpass WDMs provide a family of high-performance devices that allow individual wavelengths to be combined onto and separated from a single optical fiber. The devices are available in industry-standard 100- and 200-GHz channel spacings for all standard wavelengths within the ITU grid. The bandpass WDMs, ADMs, and 4-channel DWDMs become available in 1Q99 and 8-channel DWDMs in 2Q99. The 16- and 32-channel DWDMs are slated to follow.AMP Inc.
Harrisburg, PA
AdvanceLite2000 fiber-optic cables provide guaranteed performance for Gigabit Ethernet transmissions, while maintaining backward compatibility with existing networks. The newest version guarantees a transmission distance of 2 km for 100Base-LX-compliant networks with no mode-conditioning patch cord. Mohawk/CDT
Leominster, MA
The 980 nm Bragg-grating-stabilized (BGS) pump lasers are critical components in amplifiers for use in DWDM fiber-optic transmission systems, which are capable of increasing communication capacity by allowing more than 100 separate channels at 2.5 Gbits/sec to 10 Gbits/sec to occupy a single fiber simultaneously. The BGS pump lasers are available in production volumes with optical kink-free powers up to 190 mW at wavelengths from 973 to 986 nm. They are also suitable for applications requiring a fixed narrowband, stable spectrum over wide ranges of operating power and temperature for telecommunications, cable-TV, and data communications.Lasertron, Inc.
Bedford, MA
The Volition singlemode system consists of patch cords and 2-, 4-, 6-, 12-, 24- and 48-fiber singlemode cables, with the VF-45 plug and socket that installs in less than two minutes per 2-fiber socket and is well suited for use in network backbones. The connector has a yield of 98% or greater using a simple mechanical connection that eliminates the ferrules found in conventional connectors. Constructed of basic injection molded, standard engineering plastic parts, the connector has the same footprint density and familiarity as a standard RJ-45 connector. The VF-45 singlemode socket costs the same as the VF-45 multimode product and is available for $2.61 each.3M
Austin, TX
The NILE, a highly integrated framing and mapping device, supports channelized OC-12 SONET and SDH traffic. The SONET/SDH termination system performs clock recovery and synthesis, serial/parallel conversion, SONET/SDH framing, and mapping into DS-3, ATM, or packet-over-sonet payloads. The device includes a UTOPIA level 2 interface for ATM traffic, as well as a standard serial interface for DS-3 applications. ATM can be mapped directly into SONET/SDH, or first into a DS-3 or DS3/PLCP payload, and then into SONET/SDH. The NILE is priced at $295 in quantities of 1000.AMCC
San Diego, CA
The GD16511 is a wide-bandwidth, limiting amplifier designed for 2.5-Gbit/sec SONET/SDH transmission. It features a linear gain of 30-dB and a 3 dB bandwidth larger than the 3 GHz measured in a 50- ohm system. Together with the GD16546, this limiting amplifier has an error-free operation with an input signal below 3 mVpp. The GD16511 is housed in a 32-pin TQFP (5x5-mm) plastic package with a typical power consumption of 0.13W.GIGA A/S
Skovlunde, Denmark
Three new CE-compliant fiber-optic light sources, the GN-6150, GN-6350, and the GN-6260, are now available. The GN-6150 is a dual-wavelength 850/1300-nm multimode LED light source. The GN-6250 and GN-6260 are dual-wavelength singlemode laser light sources operating at 1310/1550 nm and 1550/1625 nm, respectively. Each light source is capable of a continuous wave of 2 kHz modulation and comes with AC charger, soft transit case, and an operating manual. Units can be powered by AC power, rechargeable NiCd batteries, or replaceable alkaline batteries.GN Nettest
Utica, NY
The auto-calibration unit for the ME7890A optical-amplifier test system allows calibration to be automatically conducted while the ME7890A is connected to a device under test. The unit improves the accuracy of the ME7890A to 0.1 dB, making the test system well suited for advanced WDM and DWDM R&D applications. The calibration switch is a 5x5 matrix that allows one input to operate with any of five outputs, all with different insertion losses. The ME7890A is capable of measuring channel space of 50 GHz and features modulator on/off extinction ratio of >70 dB and repeatability of to 0.2 dB.Anritsu Co.
Richardson, TX

A new fiber-optic test source offers dual simultaneous outputs designed for faster loss testing of duplex multimode fiber-optic links, especially those using duplex connectors. The Fotec FS370 Smart Source has two LEDs at 850 and 1300 nm. The outputs are coupled into two fiber outputs that simultaneously have the same calibrated power level for testing. If the source is set to 850 nm, both outputs will be 850 nm, and when it is changed to 1300 nm, both outputs will be 1300 nm. The FS370 Test Source is $1350.
Medford, MA

ToolBox 5.1 software for OTDR and MultiTest modules offers pop-up messaging that alerts OTDR users to inadequate front-end connections or events along the fiber span that exceeds current thresholds. The FTB-300 UTS software also features new enhancements in automated loss measurement. Support for up to 1200 fibers and audible threshold alarms improve the quality and efficiency in loss testing and measurement. Toolbox 5.1 is now available in Japanese, Italian, and Czech.EXFO E.O. Engineering Inc.
Vanier, Quebec
The ABLELUX AA50 UV/visible blue light curable adhesive for quick fixturing of LED and laser light sources during the active alignment of transceiver package assemblies is now available. The adhesive is a high Tg, low-shrinkage material with good adhesion to gold.Ablestik
Rancho Dominguez, CA
The Studbox termination box replaces single-gang and double-gang junction boxes used in office and home terminations. The box is used during new construction and provides proper bend radius of mixed media types.Fiberdyne Labs Inc.
Frankfort, NY
TRA-BOND F118 is a high-viscosity, impact-resistant material for optical-connection applications and can be used for termination, potting, or sealing. The nondrip material maintains a constant viscosity for at least 30 min to provide consistent results. The material can be cured overnight at room temperature or in 15 min at 65°C. Low-temperature options are useful with singlemode and multimode connectors that can be cracked when elevated temperatures are used. Tra-Con
Bedford, MA

The LX-1048-PD high-density wall-mount enclosure is ideal for LAN applications requiring maximum flexibility and conservation of wall space. The enclosure accommodates 48 fibers within a compact, low-profile enclosure, measuring only 17.25x14x7 in. deep. This steel wall unit holds up to eight modular adapter panels, housing any industry-standard adapter type. The LX-1048-PD is equipped with cable-management modules and routing accessories to limit bend radius, add strain-relief control, and maximize flexibility of cable entry. The unit features optional dual locks and a wrap-around client side door that provides a secure separation between owner and client network segments, as well as easy access to adapters for client-side patching.
FONS Corp.
Northboro, MA

The first edition of Telecom Tech Update is intended to inform leaders in education, industry, and government about the latest technological trends in telecommunications. The first issue reports on lightwave technology, and future issues will emphasize networking, wireless, and manufacturing technologies. Each issue will contain a primer that explains the theory underlying the technology.
Northeast Center for Telecommunications Technologies
Springfield, MA

This 192-page catalog highlights telecommunications-test lasers, optical circulators, commercial mounts, 12-GHz and large-area photoreceivers, pint-sized translation stages, and plano-convex lenses. Additional highlights include improved motorized Flippers, 650-MHz balanced receivers, and phase modulators with extended ranges.NEW FOCUS Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
This 200-page catalog features the full line of active and passive fiber-optic components, including fiber-optic connectors and adapters, optoelectronic products, backplane solutions, cable assemblies, small-form-factor connectors, termination tooling, fiber-optic switches, and software for fiber tracking. The catalog also covers passive fiber-optic networks, including passive-optical-networking devices, distribution enclosures, outside plant enclosures, and frame systems. A glossary is included to help customers understand fiber-optic terms.Molex Inc.
Downers Grove, IL

This 100-page catalog offers complete system solutions for managing, terminating, routing, and identifying network cabling. The catalog features jacks, face-plates, surface-mount boxes, patch panels, fiber connectors, cable management, raceway, labeling products, cable ties, and wiring accessories as well as a host of new product introductions, product-line expansions, and enhancements.
Panduit Corp.
Tinley Park, IL

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