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Th Acf3d
Th Acf3d

The dynamically managed SmartAmp amplifier products allow 160 channels in C and L band to be transmitted over a single fiber and provides equalized and independent amplification for each channel regardless of network environment and demand. This self-contained, subsystem-level product is intended to be deployed in DWDM systems suitable for point-to-point or point-to-multiunit loss compensation introduced by the transmission fiber, dispersion compensation module, add/drop multiplexer, or switches and routers.
AFC Technologies Inc.
Hull, QC, Canada
Th 1199lwe10

The polarization-intensive fiber isolator is a compact device that minimizes back reflection of light at any state of polarization. The single-state model features low (0.3-dB typical) insertion loss, while maintaining a high (42-dB typical) peak isolation. Polarization loss is guaranteed at 0.05 dB. A dual-stage, high-isolation model is available with 58-dB peak isolation. Both isolators have ultra-low polarization mode dispersion and an epoxy-free optical path.
E-TEK Dynamics
San Jose, CA
Th Acf42

Two dual-current source modules for the LDC-3916 Multi-channel Laser Diode Controller offer up to 32 current sources that can be loaded in a rack-mountable mainframe for applications that don't require TEC control. The LDC-3916332 module contains two independent laser-diode current sources with a maximum drive of 500 mA each. The LDC-3916334 has a maximum drive of 1A for each current source. Features include modulation up to 1.2 MHz and independent current source control through the front panel or a high-speed GPIB/IEEE 488.2 interface. All the LCD-3916 current sources include laser-protection features.
ILX Lightwave Corp.
Bozeman, MT

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