Premier Products

Sept. 1, 1999
10-Gbit/sec receivers for high-capacity networks are being installed and upgraded to OC-192/STM-64 speeds. They will be used in long-haul and metropolitan DWDM systems, single-channel sonet/sdh applications, and routing and switching providing short- and long-haul interfaces to other routers, central offices, or the DWDM backbone. The receivers exhibit sensitivity ranges from -16 to -26 dBm, low group delay deviation of 0 psec, typical bandwidth of 10-GHz, transimpedance gains from 200 to 2000 ohms with a standard SMA-compatible output connector.EPITAXX
West Trenton, NJ
The Model 3000, a 1310-nm L-band fiber-optic interfacility link (IFL), links satellite earth-station equipment rooms to the earth-station satellite antenna over distances up to 10 km over singlemode fiber. It offers earth-station designers enhanced flexibility in the placement of their antennas and sophisticated monitor and control features that reduce operating costs. The IFL provides gain stability better than ±0.5 dB over an operating temperature range from -20° to +50° C, automatically correcting for fiber-optic cable and equipment gain variations that occur over time and temperature. An interface link using the Model 3000 requires two units. Each unit is packaged in a 3U high, rack-mountable chassis and is fully modular, providing the user with the flexibility to configure either simplex or full-duplex IFLs with or without protection-switch- controlled redundancy switching.JDS Uniphase
Melbourne, FL

The MD connector has been developed as an interface connector for parallel optic (array) applications. It is available with either four, eight, or 12 fiber positions in both singlemode (angled) and multimode and eliminates the problems associated with other MT-based connectors for array applications. The MD measures 18.5 mm in length and 7 mm in height and has a latching mechanism that ensures a stable and repeatable mate. Insertion loss is typically less than 0.5 dB per fiber.
Crownhill, Milton Keynes, UK