New Products

Sept. 1, 1999

The new PacketPath plug-in cards allow access providers to minimize hardware costs by efficiently transporting time-division multiplexing (TDM) voice communications, Internet protocol (IP), and local area network (LAN) traffic on the same fiber-optic SONET ring. These plug-in cards for OSIRIS optical multiplexers are optimized for secure, high-speed IP or transparent LAN services.
Marconi Communications

The new FibreXpress hardware and software-the first in a series of second-generation FibreXpress products-has been optimized to use the full 1.062-Gbit/sec transfer rate of ANSI standard Fibre Channel. The FibreXpress network interface cards (NICs) provide efficient use of Fibre Channel's potential bandwidth, allowing the network to support sustained data transfers of over 100 Mbytes/sec. The new FibreXpress software offers full compatibility across differing backplanes and operating systems through the use of a multiprotocol software driver. The second-generation FibreXpress family includes NICs for PCI mezzanine card (PMC) and PCI systems.
Systran Corp.
Dayton, OH

The E100T, a 12-port autosensing Ethernet (10Base-T) and Fast Ethernet (100Base-T) module, and the new E1000F, a 2-port Gigabit Ethernet module, deliver Ethernet/IP directly over SONET. All cards switch Ethernet traffic at the card level with local gigabit IP packet engines on each card. The Cerent 454 optical-transport platform allows carriers to offer new LAN services on demand, switch and statistically multiplex Ethernet/IP traffic, and allow the traffic to interoperate seamlessly with the embedded SONET infrastructure.Cerent Corp.
Petaluma, CA

The Quick-Talk RS-232 Voice Adapter can turn a fiber-optic data network into a voice network by plugging a handset or telephone into an RJ-11 connector (or DB-25 converter). It will be available in Intercom and PBX-compatible versions. The voice adapter enables technicians at a control center to pick up a handset, push a buzzer, and discuss immediate situations with a remote site. Quick-Talk, PBX-compatible, will allow dial-up telephone extensions to be plugged into most RS-232 circuits. The Quick-Talk Intercom is scheduled to ship in mid-summer, and the Quick-Talk PBX-compatible version is scheduled to ship in late 1999.
TC Communications Inc.
Irvine, CA

The FlexSwitch 600X, a new family of 10/100 auto-sensing Fast Ethernet working group switches, is available in 16 or 24 ports and features optional plug-in modes that provide Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet fiber connection to distant stations, servers, or a backbone switch. It features a per-port UTP 10/100 and half/full-duplex auto sensing to integrate Fast Ethernet and legacy Ethernet workstations and provide up to 200 Mbits/sec of bandwidth to the end of the device. Also featured is a UTP-crossover switch that facilitates a straight-through cable connection that eliminates the need for a crossed cable. The 24-port switch features a 24-Mbyte buffer memory for high-speed file transfers and is priced at about $895.
Omnitron Systems Technology Inc.Irvine, CA

The Aurora-512 optical-crossconnect switch has a capacity of 512 optical connections. The switch operates at 2.5 Gbits/sec (OC-48/STM-16) for a total switching capacity of 1.28 terabits per second. It allows service providers to cross-connect high-speed optical signals (up to OC-48), bypassing the SONET/dcs layer. The Aurora-512 also performs additional optical- networking tasks such as restoration, dynamic wavelength management, and network gateway functions.
Tellium Inc.
Oceanport, NJ

The S3060 high-performance transimpediance amplifier (TIA) is the industry's first 3.3V, 2.5-Gbit/sec OC-48 WDM solution, according to the manufacturer. It addresses both WDM and TDM applications and is engineered to provide increased sensitivity with 3 GHz of bandwidth and only 280-nA RMS of noise. The amplifier offers 3-kilohm differential transimpedance while reducing the overall external component count and requires only a decoupling capacitor and photodetector. Signal-to-noise ratio is 21.5 dB. The amplifier is priced at $35 each in quantities of 1000.
San Diego

The max3890 3.3V, 2.5-Gbit/sec, SONET/SDH 16:1 serializer with clock synthesis and LVDS outputs is suitable for converting 16-bit-wide, 155-Mbit/sec parallel data to 2.5-Gbit/sec serial data in SONET/SDH and ATM applications. It forms a complete four-chip 3V, 2.5- Gbit/sec transceiver solution when used with the max3867 laser driver with APC, the max3866 TIA and limiting amplifier, and the max3880 1:16 deserializer with clock recovery. The max3890 includes a clock-generation function with power consumption of 495 mW.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, CA

The SLC-180 lens designed for high-speed, singlemode fiber applications has a diameter of 1.8 mm and a typical insertion loss of 0.1 dB. It is suitable for use in optical isolators, collimators, and DWDM devices.NSG America Inc.
Somerset, NJ

This series of new fiber-optic cable-plant test-and-certification kits allows precise testing of multimode and singlemode fiber-optic cable plants in any application. The kits cover most connectors and cable types currently in use, including the new small-form-factor connectors-the MT-RJ, Volition, LC, and Fiber Jack. Kits are available from the company and its distributors. Prices begin at $65.
Fotec Inc.Medford, MA

New capabilities for the st2400a SDH/SONET test set includes verification on the end-to-end integrity of 2.488-Gbit/sec networks. Network operators installing high-speed packet-based networks will benefit from the new capabilities of the st2400a (Option 24), the first SONET/SDH test to be optimized for testing dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) client systems. It is optimized for testing the transmission quality of 2.488-Gbit/sec STM-16 (SDH) or OC-48 (SONET) networks transported over WDM systems and is available configured as a transceiver, receiver, or transmitter.
Wilsonville, OR

The TIA-HP optical to electric converter is a new addition to the TIA line capable of high optical-power handling. It is designed to meet the demands of "quantum-optics" experiments such as laser-diode intensity squeezing, nonlinear optics, high-sensitivity laser interferometry, and laser RIN measurements. Two outputs are provided: The auxiliary output provides as DC-to-15-kHz bandwidth signal that has a transimpedance gain of 1 kilohm. The converter is useful for measuring the total input optical power to the O/E converter. Maximum output is 10V. The main output provides a bandwidth of 10 to 100 MHz at a transimpedance gain of 2.5 kilohm.Terahertz Technologies Inc.
Oriskany, NY

A high-current quasi-continuous wave laser diode has been designed to drive laser-diode bars and stacks at high average powers. A complete turnkey system, it delivers a peak output current up to 250A with compliance voltage up to 80V and average power to 2.4 kW. A front-panel RS-232 interface or external TTL gate allows the user to easily adjust pulse length, period, current, duty cycle, and compliance voltage. A flexible output cable delivers the current with connectors, and the unit is equipped with built-in overload, laser-diode current and voltage protection.
Coherent Inc. Semiconductor Group
Santa Clara, CA

The 3U-Closet Connector and Splice Housing (ccs-03u) combines the benefits of a connector housing and splice housing into a single unit for singlemode and multimode applications using three spaces in the equipment rack or cabinet. The design reduces the number of housings being installed, saving the user valuable and expensive rack spaces. Suitable for loose-tube, tight-buffered, and ribbon cables, the unit is rack-mounted for premises applications in the main crossconnect or intermediate crossconnection locations. Both panels and modules are available in a variety of connector types and come complete with factory-installed and -tested connectorized pigtails.Siecor
Hickory, NC
The FO 7010 cuts and removes Kevlar material from fiber-optic cables with high accuracy. Its pneumatically driven cutting system cuts the Kevlar to specification. A vacuum system, activated by a foot pedal, separates the Kevlar material from the optical conductor of the cable and is then positioned between the cutting head and anvil. The portable benchtop model guarantees repeatable results and a precise cutting performance, according to company claims.Schleuniger Inc.
Manchester, NH

The ULTRAsplice Module has a cradle that holds the splices main body while the collet rests on slots at either end. The gray locking nut is limited to the amount that can be opened. Therefore, the operator cannot twist the locking nut out too far, thus limiting the chances of any fiber breaking. The module can be ordered with double-sided tape that will allow the installer to place the entire splice and module combination into most trays, closures, or location where splicing is required.
Advanced Custom Applications Inc.
Belle Mead, NJ

The emergency restoration kit (ERK) for optical networks provides telecommunications operators with the ability to continue or rapidly restore service in their optical-cable systems during planned or unplanned downtime. The kit contains the company's restoration cable, a 216 optical-fiber ribbon cable preterminated on both ends with the company's LINX watertight closures, a fiber cleaver, heatstripper, cable-preparation tools, and fiber splices.
Claremont, NC

The dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) video/CD-ROM includes topics such as the roles of components used for DWDM network and how they are integrated with each other; types of fibers available and the impact of the fibers in designing and implementing DWDM systems; four-wave mixing, dispersion characteristics and compensation, optical multiplexing and demultiplexing techniques; and the influence DWDM will have on the fiber and communications industries. List price for the video and CD-ROM is $125 with quantity discounts available.
The Light Brigade
Kent, WA

This catalog features products, including telecommunications-test lasers, optical circulators, commercial mounts, 12-GHz and large-area photoreceivers, pint-sized translation stages, and plano-convex lenses. Product highlights include improved motorized Flippers, 650-MHz balanced receivers, and phase modulators with extended ranges. The catalog is free.
New Focus Inc.
Santa Clara, CA