Satellite interfacility link

Th 0999lwe02
Th 0999lwe02

The Model 3000, a 1310-nm L-band fiber-optic interfacility link (IFL), links satellite earth-station equipment rooms to the earth-station satellite antenna over distances up to 10 km over singlemode fiber. It offers earth-station designers enhanced flexibility in the placement of their antennas and sophisticated monitor and control features that reduce operating costs. The IFL provides gain stability better than ±0.5 dB over an operating temperature range from -20° to +50° C, automatically correcting for fiber-optic cable and equipment gain variations that occur over time and temperature. An interface link using the Model 3000 requires two units. Each unit is packaged in a 3U high, rack-mountable chassis and is fully modular, providing the user with the flexibility to configure either simplex or full-duplex IFLs with or without protection-switch-controlled redundancy switching.
JDS Uniphase
Melbourne, FL

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