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This 10/100 SX media converter al lows a fully transparent conversion be tween twisted-pair and fiber, maintaining all the features of 10/100Base-TX, specifically auto-negotiation. The device is ideal for building backbone and horizontal cabling applications where cost and 10/100 auto-negotiation are critical. The media converter is available in both a standalone and chassis-card version. The conversion center is the company's 16-slot chassis-like design that can convert many networking protocols.
Transition Networks

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This full line of MT-RJ small-form-factor (SFF) connector, adapter, and loopback products is a standard product line that includes multimode and singlemode connector components. The adapter solutions fit standard SC simplex panel openings and are available with a shutter-style dust cap. The MT-RJ loopback offers an SFF high-performance connector and enclosed fiber system, ensuring repeatable performance without the concern of damage from handling. The loopback attenuator is designed for high-port-density transceiver applications.
Alliance Fiber Optic Products Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA


The WA-7000 multiline wavemeter optical-channel analyzer automatically pro cesses measurement data to provide various information critical to DWDM system performance and provides the full optical spectrum for the most precise DWDM channel analysis. It combines the proven Michelson interferometer-based technology with advanced digital processing to measure and differentiate the absolute wavelengths of up to 200 discrete optical signals. The accuracy of these measurements is ±1.5 pm with a spectral resolution as high as 50 pm.
Burleigh Instruments Inc.
Fishers, NY


This DWDM return-path solution for several of the company's PWRBlazer nodes provides operators flexible and robust return of data over hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks. It is an easy-to-upgrade and flexible HFC solution that can be customized to meet the current and evolving requirements of broadband network operators. The transmitter allows for up to 16 return streams to share a single fiber link, providing ample return and bandwidth for high-speed Internet access, video-on-demand, and other interactive services.
Harmonic Inc.
Los Angeles

FiberPath is designed to eliminate the last-mile bottleneck and give service providers the capability to offer unlimited bandwidth to the home. Through the FiberPath bay, data, video, and voice can be transmitted over a passive optical network directly to a subscriber's home through the patented Universal Demarcation Point. The product line consists of a bay at the service provider's central office head end or remote facility and an optical-broadband residential gateway, which is mounted at the subscriber's home.
Optical Solutions

The AT-MC1001 for Gigabit Ethernet environments brings the distance advantages of singlemode fiber to Gigabit Ethernet backbones and campus LANs by converting 1000Base-SX (SC) multimode fiber-optic cable to 1000Base-LX (LC) singlemode fiber-optic cable. The converter extends backbone connectivity up to 10 km for power workgroups, data centers, and server farms. Whether operated as a standalone or in an MCR12 rackmount chassis, the AT-MC1001 delivers the power of Gigabit Ethernet to speed up network performance while preserving ease-of-use and plug-and-play installation with no management software to install and no options to configure.
Allied Telesyn
Bothell, WA

The Pliant 3000 integrated-access platform is a highly flexible system that can be deployed as a next-generation digital-loop carrier, a distributed DSLAM, a multi service access node, or a single integrated-access platform in a convergent network. Designed to relieve the strain on traditional digital switching and digital-loop carrier equipment caused by the Internet explosion, it features a distributed architecture that will accommodate bandwidth and growth.
Pliant Systems
Research Triangle Park, NC

The Fox fiber node provides high output, optical-to-RF signal conversion for fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) and fiber-to-the-last amplifier (FTTLA) applications. The node provides new opportunities for MSOs to reach areas with small, concentrated numbers of subscribers, such as banks, universities, and hospitals, which also demand high-bandwidth connections. The node supports bandwidth of 5 MHz to 862 MHz. For FTTB applications, the node delivers output levels of 50 dBmV from two ports and 36 dBmV for trunking from a third port. The FTTLA version generates 50 dBmV from both ports. The Fox node has a flexible design that reduces costs on equipment and service calls. The RF tray and power-supply modules can be swapped in the field with minimal disruption to the node. Cable operators can remotely monitor the network for faults, interface sources, and performance variations, further ensuring network availability.
ADC Telecommunications Inc.

The FC/9000-64 is the first in a series of enterprise-class Fibre Channel switches to target the high end of switched-storage networking. It offers IT professionals a platform that supports up to 128 Fibre Channel connections and incorporates data-center hardened-reliability features such as redundant internal pathing, control modules, power, fans, and hot-swappable components. The switch provides full-duplex, gigabit-per-second bandwidth and support for Class 2 and 3 service levels. Future models supporting 128-port and 256-port configurations will be added to the FC/9000 family beginning in 3Q2000. The FC/9000-64 is expandable in 8-port increments, features Web-browser-based control, and supports hard-zoning configuration for optimal security and flexibility in organizing ports.
InRange Technologies Corp.
Mount Laurel, NJ
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The CQ power supplies offer a fast-response, high-peak-current driver for applications from 1 to 100 bars with protection monitoring for both the laser-diode string and internal power components. It operates at one pulse rate from 0 to 3,500 Hz and pulse widths from 30 to 1,000 microns and 20% duty cycle. It generates pulse currents from 0 to 137 A with fast rise and fall times to maximize efficiency for high repetition rate and short pulse-width applications. The CQ includes parallel monitoring circuitry to continuously verify proper supply operation and load compliance. Automatic shutoff occurs on overcurrent, undercurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage conditions. A large LCD screen for display of operating conditions and a numeric keypad make operational setup easy.
Plex Systems
Monrovia, CA


These compact PM attenuators have no moving parts, free-space elements, or bending mechanisms. The PM variable optical attenuator (VOA) attenuates light by modifying the guiding properties of the fiber. The technique allows precise control of the transmitted light and ensures no cross coupling between two polarization states. The mechanism also provides precise attenuation of the two polarization states with a near-zero backreflection. The attenuators come in a range of attenuation levels from 0 to 40 dB with a minimum insertion loss of <0.1 dB. The VOA is available in three standard options; miniature devices for use with user-defined electronics, PCB-mounted with integral driver, or standalone instruments.
ProtoDel International Ltd.
Surrey, United Kingdom

The integrated arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) for dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) applications is available in volume production in chip, package, or module form. With a range of channel-count options from four to 40, and channel spacings of 100 or 200 GHz, the AWG comes with 16 channels as standard and a channel spacing of 100 GHz. The packaged format is 100x56x22 mm to be compatible with existing suppliers. The AWG simplifies high-channel-count optical DWDM network-system design compared with implementing multiplexing/demultiplexing functions using conventional thin-film filters or Bragg gratings-reducing the costs of expanding transmission systems to use more of the fiber's inherent bandwidth. This device is designed to offer high performance at moderate cost and features a typical insertion loss of 4 dB. Channel crosstalk is specified at 30 dB and PDL at 0.5 dB.
Kymata Ltd.
Livingston, Scotland


The LANscape Solution's two-panel, traffic interconnect housing (TIH) is designed for direct termination of field-installable connectors. It is a compact solution for interfacing between the outside-plant cables and the optoelectronics. The housing is designed to be wall- or shelf-mounted inside a larger water-resistant traffic-control cabinet or at a hub site. The TIH is constructed of metal and features a powder-coat finish for maximum durability. The housing accommodates multiple fiber-optic cables and up to two LANscape adapter panels containing all industry-standard adapter types, including the SC duplex. The TIH additionally features two cable-entry locations and the provisions necessary for cable-strain relieving and grounding. Fiber routing guides allow management and rearrangement of cable slack without violating minimum bend-radius requirements.
Hickory, NC

The round cable stripper (RCS) tools are ideal for jacket stripping of fiber-optic cables and soft rubber jackets like those found in electric utility-grounding applications. The tools perform an easy radial cut combined with a longitudinal cut to remove jackets or a simple spiral-cutting action. Among the tools are a spring-loaded brace, ergonomic handle, and a simple blade-depth adjustment. The RCS is available in two sizes combining to allow stripping of cable-jacket diameters from 4.5 mm up through 40 mm.
Ripley Co.
Cromwell, CT
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These cable-management panels are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. Each features a larger duct to meet the high-capacity requirements of fiber-optic, copper, and coax cabling. The vertical panels manage cables on the front and rear of racks or on the front alone, depending on the model selected. The panels come pre-assembled with brackets for side-mounting to standard TIA 19- or 23-inch racks, or center-mounting between racks when used with a mounting bracket accessory kit. A cable-retainer design adjusts to accommodate multiple cable runs. Duct fingers are removable to allow easier routing of high-density cable to and from horizontal panels. The three-rack space horizontal panels are offered in a front-only version and provide up to three times the capacity of standard two-rack space panels.
Panduit Corp.
Tinley Park, IL


This portable OC-192 optical-network diagnostic product is designated as the NIC 10-G and designed for installation and maintenance testing of one of the industry's fastest lightwave data rates, OC-192. With the installation and maintenance testing capabilities of the OC-192, the NIC 10-G can be used to perform functional real-time testing on DWDM systems, line regenerators, and synchronous-line multiplexers. It allows technicians to observe and modify the SONET overhead to verify their network operates correctly and responds in cases of trouble.
Digital Lightwave
Clearwater, FL

The FIKIT-200 test kit for fiber installers enables technicians to manually check assembled field connectors before installing high-bandwidth SONET/SDH transmission systems. The kit includes laser source, power meter, visual fault locator, live fiber detector, endface connector cleaner, fiber-optic microscope, and a carrying case with space for accessories.
Quebec, Canada

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The Fiber Optic Product Guide describes a full range of fiber-optic cabling products and helps users select the proper cable for applications ranging from premises wiring to outdoor mining, utility, and tactical solutions. It features an extensive cable selection guide that lists products for specific indoor, outdoor, combined indoor/outdoor, zero-halogen, industrial/utility, interlocked armor, self-supporting mining, and tactical applications. The guide lets users obtain all relevant performance data and specifications. The 117-page guide includes cable weight and diameter, bend radius, pull strength, and other installer information. A hardware guide and fiber color chart and ordering information is provided.
Chromatic Technologies Inc.
Franklin, MA

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