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March 1, 2000
Opticity 3000, a modular fiber-optic networking and traffic-aggregation system, supports Fibre Chan nel and Gigabit Ether net applications, while significantly reducing the cost of adding more channels. The Opticity 3000 uses WDM to increase the capacity of fiber-optic cables used in campus or metropolitan gigabit applications. Designed for both enterprises and service providers, it provides multigigabit-per-second, per-fiber performance. The initial version supports eight full-duplex gigabit channels on a fiber ring, with a planned capacity increase to 32 channels in the first half of next year and 128 channels by the second half.Finisar Corp.Mountain View, CA
The AMT128503 MSM-TIA is for 850-nm Gigabit Ethernet (1.250-Gbit/sec) and Fibre Channel (1.064-Gbit/ sec) applications. The AMT 128503 front-end receiver operates from a 3.3-V supply (± 5%) and offers systems designer's high sensitivity, high responsivity, low power consumption, and a minimum bandwidth of 1,000 MHz. It is a monolithically integrated metal-semiconductor-metal diode and transimpedance amplifier that is used in the front end of a fiber-optic communications system to convert optical signals into electrical pulses. Typical sensitivity is -22 dBm, and minimum responsivity is 1,000 V/W. AnadigicsFrance
The VSC8141 and the VSC8144 SONET/SDH OC-48 multirate transceivers include a multiplexer and demultiplexer with integrated clock-generation capabilities for the physical layer. Both ICs dissipate 1.2 W of power. They are ideal for SONET and SDH transmission systems, optical-net working equipment, DWDM, ATM networking, and digital-crossconnect systems. They reduce cost, power, board space, and development time of 2.5-Gbit/sec systems. The VSC8141 implements the serialization, deserialization, and clock-generation functions. Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.Camarillo, CA

The FlexPlex MS1-C STM1 multiplexer is designed for the access area of telecommunications networks and enables the connection of business customers with standardized SDH technology. This system can be controlled and monitored with the Open NSU network-management systems. The multiplexer expands the product family in the field of broadband systems for the subscriber area. The FlexPlex MS1-C can be customized according to particular requirements and can be set up in combinations ranging from cost-effective low-end models to maximum-capability add/drop multiplexers. The subscriber side can be configured with seven to 21 balanced E1 interfaces (2 Mbits/sec) according to ITU-T recommendation G.703 and with up to two E3 coaxial interfaces (34 Mbits/sec).

The WaveXpander, the latest addition to the company's WaveSplitter line of all-fiber DWDM products, features an all-fiber design that has low insertion loss during optical-signal transmissions. This system can serve as a 50-GHz or 100-GHz, 1x4 output device that provides four output channels with a narrow spacing of 0.4 or 0.8 nm. System output can expand incrementally in groups of four to any number of channels on the ITU grid, from four to 64. The WaveXpander can transform 200-GHz and 400-GHz DWDM systems into 50-GHz or 100-GHz systems, enabling MAN carriers to boost network capacity.
WaveSplitter Technologies Inc.

The OptSim 2.1 optical-transmission simulator has added a suite of simulation techniques to accelerate the simulation of DWDM, cable-TV/analog, and OTDM system designs, while retaining accuracy. The version contains three simulation techniques that allow for rapid simulation: spectral propagation technique, variable bandwidth simulation, and simplified fiber model/variable bandwidth simulation.
ARTIS Software Corp.
San Jose

The Sycamore SN 8000 intelligent optical-network system provides an optical handoff eliminating costly optical/electrical conversions traditionally required between access and backbone networks. This system breaks down distance barriers by extending service delivery 1,600 km without electrical regeneration. The OC-3/STM-1 and OC-12/STM-4 service modules redefine the economics of OC-N service delivery with high density, flexibility, and optimization of individual wavelengths. Four OC-12/STM-4 services can be supported per wavelength or up to 16 OC-3/STM-1 services.Sycamore NetworksChelmsford, MA

The AX-series microassembly fiber-optic cables are ideal for assemblies using small-form-factor simplex and duplex connectors such as the MT-RJ and LC connectors. This series of cables are resilient and flexible for jumpers, patch cords, and pigtails. The cable is suited for general-purpose, flame-retardant indoor use such as routing connections in patching systems. Short patch cords are useful for links between electronic equipment and main fiber-optic cables. The outer cable can be riser-rated and plenum-rated. An easy-strip 900-micron buffer is applied over the optical fiber to make the 250-micron inner buffer layer easier to use. The outer jacket for the singlemode cables is yellow, and the multimode cables have an orange jacket.
Optical Cable Corp.
Roanoke, VA

This line of laser-diode and photodiode optical subassemblies (OSAs) incorporate SELFOC or ball lens technology optimized for data communications signal transmission and reception. The OSAs are available for mass production and feature benefits like high coupling efficiency, antireflective coating, design flexibility, and VCSEL technology. The OSA assemblies are used in Fibre Channel, ATM, SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, HIPPI, and FDDI applications.
NSG America Inc.
Somerset, NJ

These 1x8 polarization maintaining fiber-optic couplers for 1,550 nm and other wavelengths feature high extinction ratio (>20 dB), low excess loss (<2 dB), and high return loss (>55 dB). The product is available in various types of PM fibers including Panda, Bowtie, Oval clad, etc. High extinction ratio PM fiber connectorization is also available. Applications include PM signal multiplexing, PM-EDFAs, cable-TV transmission systems, sensors, instrumentation, etc.Micro-Optics Inc.Hackettstown, NJThe FutureFLEX air-blown fiber-cabling system is a cost-effective alternative for dynamic LAN networks that need frequent reconfiguration. The ABF system allows for growth and change of high-speed data LANs without jeopardizing fiber optics. The networks can be designed to meet the needs of various user topologies, including ring, bus, or hierarchical star. The tube cables contain up to 19 small, individual tubes within a tough outer jacket. Bundles are blown through the tubes on a stream of air or nitrogen gas, using a patented cable-blowing head. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp.Research Triangle Park, NC
This preassembled pole- or pedestal-mounted splitter terminal box simplifies the organization and connection of fiber networks to the home. The FibrBoss TB2 fiber splitter terminal box is a compact, UV-resistant, weather-sealed plastic box that stores splices and slack fiber, houses 1x2, 1x3, and 1x4 connectorized splitters, and provides for up to 12 fiber connections on a patch panel. The preassembly and protection of the splitters and connectors enable fast, easy installation of up to four preconnectorized drop cables. The fiber splitter terminal box handles up to 12 connectors within its weatherproof housing. Pole- or pedestal-mounted, the box measures 8.75x12.75x4.5 inches and is sealed against water spray and dust. The pole- or pedestal-mounted box accepts one input cable and up to four preconnectorized drop cables. Cable seals are accomplished with wraparound, conduit-type glands. The preassembled splitters and connectors are covered and sealed from installer activity for greater protection.Raychem Corp.Fuquay-Varina, NC
The ATC test kits of reference cables are useful for testing the small-form-factor fiber-optic connectors, including the MT-RJ, LC, Volition, and Opti-Jack. The kits include the reference cables and mating adapters necessary, plus detailed instructions for performance loss tests on all cable configurations.FotecMedford, MA

The FAS roller is an EZ Tray accessory designed to make pulling cable easier and faster. The roller attaches to the cable tray, opens to insert cable, closes, and allows cables to quickly move through its four rollers. The roller opens from the top to insert as many cables as required. The top roller closes and secures into place so the cables are controlled and safe from damage. A black- and-white split profile roller allows installers to see that the roller is turning, not burning, the cable jackets.
Cablofil Inc.
St. Louis

OSP InSight Enterprise and OSP InSight Pro 4.0 offer network managers a wider variety of management capabilities. Enterprise integrates the Oracle database engine with MapInfo's Spatialware technology, so all network data resides in an Oracle database on a server. Other improvements include additional mapping layers, the ability to track conduit and poles, enhanced editors and lists, active toolbars, map layout window with drag-and-drop features, and the ability to customize map labels and edit fields.Advance Fiber Optics Inc.Salt Lake City
DWDM laser source modules for C-band (1,527- to 1,563-nm) and L-band (1,565- to 1,610 nm) wavelengths have an available optical output power of up to 40 mW for the C-band and up to 10 mW for the L-band. Stability is better than 1 pm over 24 hours. Up to eight laser source modules can be operated in one controller of series PRO 8000. Multichannel testing of fiber amplifiers and passive DWDM components is possible in the L-band.Profile Inc.Rockaway, NJ
The Agilent 83485A Option H92 is an optical reference receiver that provides integrated, switchable Bessel-Thomson re sponse filters for compliance testing of OC-48/STM-16 and OC-192/STM-64 SONET/ SDH rates. The Agilent 83486A Option H48 multimode optical/electrical reference receiver offers an integrated three-rate solution at OC-3/12/48 or FC/GE/OC-48. The Agilent 83480A family provides accuracy and repeatability required for telecom and datacom parametric testing, including the ability to trigger directly on data. Complete solutions exist for multimode optical as well as singlemode optical and electrical testing. All standard data rates from 155 Mbits/sec to 9.953 Gbits/sec can be tested.Agilent TechnologiesSanta Rosa, CA
The FOS 79800C/315SB and FOS 79800C/315SL are high-power WDM DFB source modules delivering at least 20 mW of stable DFB-source laser power at any customer-specified wavelength from 1528 to 1610 nm. These new modules offer calibrated attenuation, selectable coherence control, synchronous modulation, and the ability to control up to 200 channels from a single GPIB address.ILX Lightwave Corp.Bozeman, MT

The TSL-220 is a high-specification tunable laser developed for today's DWDM market. It incorporates an internal wavelength monitor, which ensures a wavelength setting accuracy of ± 5pm. A tunable filter is built into the unit to remove ASE noise and increase the signal-to-noise ratio to 10 times that of conventional tunable-laser designs. This feature makes the laser suitable for characterization of fiber Bragg grating and similar DWDM devices. The TSL-220 also has an 80-nm tuning range covering both the C- or L-band wavelengths; a built-in attenuator enabling power to be controlled independent of laser-diode injection current, high stability, GPIB, and RS-232 interfaces with LabView drivers; and a useful fully programmable handheld control pad.
Santec Europe Ltd.
Oxford, England

The "Bandwidth Performance and Control in Multimode Fiber" white paper details the characteristics of glass optical fiber that provide high bandwidth in data-communications applications. The paper also explains the manufacturing process-control methods implemented by fiber manufacturers to maximize the multimode-fiber bandwidth. The latest developments in next-generation fibers designed for use in high-speed Gigabit Ethernet protocols are also examined.
SpecTran Communication Fiber Technologies Inc.
Sturbridge, MA

The 2000 Netconnect product catalog is a resource for voice and data infrastructure planning and purchasing. It is available to contractors, designers, installers, networking and facilities managers, and distributors. The catalog features color photography and a simplified research method for streamlined product and part number identification. IT covers the entire portfolio of Netconnect optical-fiber and copper products, including optical-fiber cable, Netconnect MT-RJ optical-fiber connector, Netconnect toolless jacks, and the SL series outlet.
Harrisburg, PA

This 50-page guide features the highest-performance and flexible end-to-end enhanced-frequency structured cabling systems and connectivity products for multimedia environments. Solutions include 110 Crossconnect system, cable-management systems, fiber-optic systems, and In House residential and SoHo systems. The company also offers engineering and technical support, systems planning, training programs, and a 25-year extended product warranty and applications assurance warranty program.
Pawcatuck, CT

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