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Th 125754
Th 125754

PureAccess and PureAccess-Ultra singlemode fibers are designed specifically for general fiber-to-the-x, access, and enterprise networks. Their significantly reduced bend radius capabilities enable tighter routing and higher fiber density for component design, deployment of fiber in residential homes, and premises wiring.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave,
Research Triangle Park, NC
Th 125756

The RAYexpress optical add/drop multiplexer provides a flexible, scalable way to support a broad range of services for business access. The compact design is suited for customer premises, and the multiplexer's configuration flexibility allows deployment in a variety of applications.
Movaz Networks, Norcross, GATh 125757

The FSP 3000 system is designed for metropolitan service providers requiring a flexible DWDM system that will multiplex, transport, and switch high-speed data, storage, and voice applications. Its modular architecture comprises a rack-mountable shelf and hot-swappable modules that can be selected to meet network and application requirements and includes a slimline chassis option.
ADVA Optical Networking, Mahwah, NJTh 125758

The 7100 next-generation optical transport system delivers SONET, Ethernet, and SAN services using existing fiber on a platform combining access and metro interoffice capabilities, CWDM, and DWDM.
Tellabs, Naperville, ILTh 125759

For converged metro/access applications, the PL-1000 optical transport system includes integrated DWDM and any-service add/drop-multiplexer capabilities. It transports services from E1/T1 up to OC-192/STM-64 and supports up to eight wavelengths. Options are the WD-1000 multiservice DWDM system and MX-1000 OC-48/STM-16 any-service transport multiplexer.
PacketLight Networks, Richardson, TXTh 125760

The small-form-factor-pluggable transceiver is designed for use in SONET/SDH equipment and supports 15- or 40-km applications. Its digital diagnostic monitoring function in 155- and 622-Mbit/sec applications allows for real time measurement of key operating parameters of the module, such as optical receive and transmit power as well as supply voltage, bias current, and module temperature, so users can manage and monitor system performance.
Fiberxon Inc., Santa Clara, CATh 125761

The Mini-EDFA is compact (90×60×8 mm) and provides low noise figure (typically 4.8), low power consumption (≤1.5 W), broad input power range, high-saturation output power, broad operating-temperature range (-5° to ~+50°C), RS-232 and I2C network interface, and high-precision APC circuit. Applications include single-channel or narrowband digital communications networks, metro/access networks, and preamplifiers, line amplifiers, and booster amplifiers. Pump laser used in the erbium-doped fiber amplifier can be supplied and mass fabricated.
Shanghai Dare Optoelectronic Communications Co. Ltd., Shanghai, ChinaTh 125762

The NP-1 single-chip 10-Gbit network processor provides fully programmable seven-layer packet classification, modification, forwarding, and policing at wire speed. TOPcore technology combines packet processing with classification in a full-duplex chip, eliminating the need for power-hungry CAMs and SRAMs and saving as much as 80% in the system's total chip count and power dissipation.
EZchip Technologies, Campbell, CA

The 2-in-1 coupler combines two different types of couplers in a single stainless steel tube. It can be standard, wavelength-flattened, dual-window, and WDM and used in a compact erbium-doped fiber-amplifier module and other compact devices.
Hopecom Optic Communications Co. Ltd., Shanghai, ChinaTh 125763

The Canobeam laser transceiver permits digital data transmission between two locations up to 2 km apart with a direct line of sight and supports data transfer speeds from 25 Mbits/sec to 1.25 Gbits/sec. It is equipped with auto-tracking to maintain beam alignment and compensate for changes due to wind vibration and temperature variation.
Canon U.S.A. Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJTh 125764

The integration module for photonics and OEM contract manufacturing services includes custom design modules, line cards, and multifunctional module integration. It allows the integration of active and passive components such as connectors and terminations, couplers, WDM components and modules, variable optical attenuators, switches, photodetectors, lasers, modulators, and transceivers.
Koncent Communication Inc., Fujian, ChinaTh 125765

Designed for DWDM and CWDM applications, Hyper-Quality fiber assemblies are manufactured in an automated mass production facility certified to ISO 9001:2000 and TL9000 standards for the production of fiber-optic- and copper-cable assemblies.
Atlanta Cable Sales Inc., Suwanee, GATh 125766

With maximum patch port density in a low-profile chassis, the LCX 1RU rackmount fiber panel houses up to 24 terminations in just 1.75 inches of vertical space. A bidirectional sliding tray protectively minimizes the number of exposed circuits, while enabling simple access and efficient management of network elements or multifiber interfacility cable patched to the panel.
Telect Inc., Liberty Lake, WATh 125767

The PM5329 Arrow 24×FE 24-port 10/100 Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH mapping device supports Ethernet media access control functionality plus generic framing procedure and virtual concatenation (VC) mapping for each of the 24 Ethernet (10-Mbit/sec) or Fast Ethernet (100-Mbit/sec) channels with total aggregate throughput of 2.5 Gbits/sec. In addition to integrating VT1.5/VC-12 (low-order VC), the device integrates link capacity adjustment scheme capabilities for fault recovery and hitless re-provisioning.
PMC-Sierra, Santa Clara, CATh 125768

The optical fuse can be placed in any optically amplified fiber-optic system to protect expensive equipment and the fiber cable itself from damaging power spikes and surges. Its passive operation causes an immediate drop in signal level when the transmitted optical power exceeds the fuse's preset power rating. In partnership with KiloLambda Technologies, the fuse is available in a patch-cord-style package or as a bare-fiber assembly.
Molex Inc., Lisle, ILTh 125769

Best-suited for 10-Gbit/sec chip-to chip serial interconnections, the MAX3804 12.5-Gbit/sec driver with receive equalizer can compensate up to 20 dB of loss at 5 GHz. It is designed to ensure PC board signal integrity up to 12.5 Gbits/sec, where frequency-dependent skin effect and dielectric losses produce unacceptable amounts of intersymbol interference. The driver can extend transmission distance for 10-Gbit/sec nonreturn-to-zero serial data up to 30 inches (0.75 m) on FR-4. The 3×3-mm package provides optimal placement and routing flexibility.
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

MISSION is a highly flexible hardware/software multiservice solution that offers universal port services at dedicated port economics, combining state-of-the-art framer, HDLC, and network-processing silicon with a complete suite of modular internetworking software. This architecture allows developers a wide range of implementation and differentiation options for time-to-market and development.
AMCC (Applied Micro Circuits Corp.), San DiegoTh 125770

The XpressTube FX cable is a loose-fiber bundle containing up to 12 individual fibers surrounded by a specially engineered water-blocking compound, all contained in a flexible polyolefin jacket. Optimized with AllWave fiber, the FX cable is best-suited for air-blown installations in metro/access-network microduct systems, particularly where there is a need for rapid deployment, limited duct space, or digging restrictions.
OFS, Norcross, GATh 125771

Based on thin-film-filter technology, the CWDM multiplexing/demultiplexing module for metro/access networks provides wide channel bandwidth up to 15 nm, flexible channel configuration, low insertion loss, and high isolation.
O-Net Communications Ltd., Shenzhen, ChinaTh 125772

The PacketWave E500 compact multiservice transport platform for rapid deployment of services to the network edge supports SONET/SDH and resilient packet ring. For MAN service-provider applications, the platform eliminates complexity, simplifies management, and scales capacity.
Luminous Networks, Cupertino, CATh 125773

The Scalable Test Toolkit (STT) is a modular platform with a stacking design and intuitive Windows touchscreen interface. Users can combine different or duplicate modules for SONET/T-Carrier, SDH/PDH, DWDM (OCM, wavelength drop, tunable laser), Ethernet, IP, and fiber testing. Each test module operates independently and performs multiple tests simultaneously. Scripting and remote-control capabilities are built-in. The toolkit is a field-configurable chassis and includes a battery power option.
Sunrise Telecom Inc., San Jose, CATh 125774

The OLC-65 optical level controller, designed for system installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, combines a variable optical attenuator and high-performance optical power meter into one rugged handheld instrument for singlemode applications. The controller's wobble function allows stable and repeatable automated test cycles for various attenuation values over time, and the level control function provides a stable power output level.
Acterna, Germantown, MDTh 125775

The OTS 10-Gbit/sec optical standards tester can measure system or component compliance with the IEEE 802.3ae Stressed Receiver Conformance Test. Its combination of consolidation, automation, and degradation means 10 times more repeatable measurements and signal configurations and 10 times less calibration and programming. The tester is significantly smaller in size.
Circadiant Systems Inc., Allentown, PATh 125776

The FTB-5500B analyzer precisely measures polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) of installed links—amplified or not. It tests through erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, thanks to the mathematical subtraction of the auto-correlation peak in the interferogram, which also enables the use of any source shape. A PMD of zero can be measured as such. FOTP-124-compliant, the analyzer features >50-dB dynamic range as well as 4.5-sec testing of all PMD ranges from 0 to 115 psec.
EXFO, Vanier, QuebecTh 125777

The SCC-3100 incorporates ultrasonic technology to clean connectors automatically while they're still plugged into virtually any build-out panel. With a press of a switch, the connector is pre-washed, washed, and dried within 30 sec. The cleaner is environmentally safe and can clean more than 500 connectors without a refill.
Lightel Technologies Inc., Kent, WA

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