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Th 115669
Th 115669

Touted by the company as "the first 3.3-V multirate common cathode VCSEL driver to meet all requirements for SFP [small-form-factor-pluggable] modules with digital diagnostics," the MAX3740 features automatic power control, provides excellent high eye-mask performance, shows edge-speed transition times of 65 psec, generates just 12-psec deterministic jitter and 1.3-psec random jitter, and is best suited for SFP/SFF-8472 short-wave optical modules. It operates from 1 to 3.2 Gbits/sec and can be used in Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and OC-48 short-reach applications. Available in a 4×4-mm 24-pin QFN package over an extended temperature range of -40° to +85°C, the driver has a programmable bias current range of 1-15 mA and a programmable modulation current range of 2-15 mA.
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CATh 115672

The ML861E5S 980-nm ridge-wavelength pump-laser diode achieves an ultra-high peak power output of 1,100 mW in DWDM applications without the danger of catastrophic optical damage, because it does not absorb the light power output. The window structure, developed from quantum-well mixing using silicon-ion implantation, also reduces the laser beam's aspect ratio to <2.5, enabling a more efficient coupling between the laser and optical fiber. The diode also offers very high typical operating power output of 500 mW and a reflectivity of <1%. The uncooled ML8627S 980-nm laser diode needs no thermal controller to save module space and uses facet coatings to provide a very stable wavelength (20% less change) in MAN applications throughout a wide operating-temperature range (5∞-85∞C). Both types of diodes are used as a pumping source for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers.
Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA Inc., Sunnyvale, CA

Characterized by the company as the "fastest switching chip that switches voice, data, and video signals at an aggregated switching speed of 80 Gbits/sec, guaranteeing a minimum of 40 Gbits/sec of speed and bandwidth," the Protocol Independent Stand-Alone Switch (PI-40SAX) is targeted at pedestal DSL access-multiplexer systems, wireless infrastructure equipment, and SAN systems in the enterprise, metro, access, and core transport segments. The chip, which can handle TDM, ATM, and IP packets, enables a telecommunications network to simultaneously switch 320,000 voice and data calls. It also integrates multiple SerDes I/O interconnect subcircuits that can transmit data into and out of the chip at up to 2.5 Gbits/sec for each of the 32 SerDes subcircuit links to the chip.
Agere Systems, Allentown, PA

RAYextender erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) provide extended all-optical reach for single-span and multispan systems in concurrent 2.5- and 10-Gbit/sec DWDM transport. The NEBS 3-compliant and carrier class EDFAs incorporate gain equalization and very fast transient suppression for increased robustness and survivability. Comprehensive performance monitoring is provided at input and output points as well as optical taps for external test access. The amplifiers also feature in-service upgradability to an add/drop configuration by simply adding the required service interface cards, provide automatic power equalization, and are OSMINE TIRKS- and NMA-certified.
Movaz Networks, Norcross, GATh 115673

The SLM 3000 reconfigurable blocking filter (RBF) provides dynamic wavelength management capabilities for DWDM optical networks. Designed for use in reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers, the RBF blocks any or all wavelengths, offering complete agility and control up of to 80 channels with spacing of 50 GHz and above. It eliminates OEO conversions and provides dynamic functionality to enable future optical networks.
Silicon Light Machines, Sunnyvale, CA

The MP1811A 48-Gbit/sec multiplexer provides low jitter, low distortion output and MP1812A 48-Gbit/sec demultiplexer Q-value measurement capability. They can be controlled from an external PC via GPIB, allowing them to be easily integrated into bit-error-rate test systems for 40-Gbit/sec, forward error correction (FEC), and Super FEC devices and modules. The multiplexer is designed with a D flip-flop retiming output circuit to achieve high-quality output waveforms. It is capable of multiplexing several low-bit-rate signals into one signal with a higher bit rate. The demultiplexer has a high-resolution variable delay capability that enables the error-rate change of phase direction to be measured and provides a "bathtub curve" with high accuracy. It can conduct highly accurate evaluations of an optical circuit's quality and the optical-electrical devices used in optical circuits.
Anritsu Co., Richardson, TXTh 115674

For commissioning and lighting new channels, the FTB-9310 channel selector allows network operators to select and isolate, with 4-dB insertion loss levels, any ITU DWDM channel in the C-band for bit-error-rate testing and protocol layer analysis. The high-precision instrument can be used with the FTB-8000 SONET/SDH 2.5- or 10-Gbit/sec tester and FTB-5240B optical spectrum analyzer to provide operators with a complete test solution.
EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc., Quebec CityTh 115675

Adapted for mass production of optical components and subsystems, the AutoCleaver is a fully automatic high-precision fiber cleaver, with typical cleave angle of 0.3 degree. A built-in microprocessor controls all the vital parameters and settings such as positioning, clamping, fiber tension, and the exact position and speed of the diamond blade. The blade's typical life is more than 25,000 cleaves. The cleaver can be connected to an external PC for access to all programmable parameters and settings and has interchangeable adapters. An automatic fiber waste disposal system removes any hazardous fiber scraps.
Nyfors Teknologi AB,Sweden

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