Fiber-optic multiplexer

Jan 1st, 1997

Fiber-optic multiplexer

Series 4100i/4200i/4300i FM FDM-based multiplexer transmits four video channels one way and up to three PT¥(Manchester, RS-232 or RS-422 data) in the opposite direction on one fiber. Multimode fiber 2- and 4-km units employ 1300-nm LEDs. Singlemode fiber 40-km units use 1310-nm lasers and feature 10-MH¥ video bandwidth, greater than 60-dB signal-to-noise ratio, and 17-dB optical budget. Stand-alone modules are powered by 12V DC or 24V DC. Card units are rack-mountable in EIA 19-inch ¥ 3U ¥ 18 slots or 6U ¥ 36 slots.

Meridian Technologies Inc.

Inwood, NY

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