Holoplex FSO solution offers all-wireless networks for Europe

17 October 2002 -- Holoplex Technologies has launched into Europe its optical wireless product Enhanced Free Space Optics (EFSO).

17 October 2002 -- Holoplex Technologies has launched in Europe its optical wireless product Enhanced Free Space Optics (EFSO). Featuring an ultra-collimated laser and "unprecedented" link margin, EFSO has become the foundation for advanced all-wireless networks, the company claims.

An EFSO network can simultaneously provide both optical backbone and access links, whether for a cellular carrier, a cable TV operator, or a government or enterprise network. "Enhanced FSO takes us way beyond the campus," said Holoplex's chief marketing officer Anthony Bladon, "and Europe is our main launch pad. We are looking to expand our representation in EMEA through the addition of qualified VARs and distributors."

Dr. Fai Mok, CEO of Holoplex, said, "Free Space Optics links have been limited to short ranges for high availability, typically up to 500m. But Holoplex elevates the available link margin to 42 dB -- 100 times that of today's conventional FSO products. So our links have higher bandwidth at longer ranges with higher availability, which allows new network designs."

"Holoplex's EFSO technology is an eye-opener," said Terry Edwards, industry analyst at Engalco and author of The FSO Report (see www.engalco.com). "Their 30 microradian laser beam is exceptionally narrow, so that the signal available at the receiver is dramatically increased."

The industry's most collimated transmission laser necessitates continuous automatic tracking by PinPointT, Holoplex's active tracking and alignment system. PinPoint also reduces operating costs: it enables quick and easy alignment by a single, minimally trained technician.

About Holoplex
Founded in 1993, Holoplex designs, develops and markets optical wireless communication systems, known as Enhanced Free Space Optics or EFSOT. The company says its innovation is secured by a rich patent portfolio and by close associations with optics centres of excellence such as Caltech and JPL.

For more information, visit www.holoplex.com

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