Transmode and Net Insight collaborate on metro CWDM

5 July 2002 -- Transmode Systems AB and Net Insight are partnering to promote a joint CWDM-based solution for metro networks.

5 July 2002 -- Transmode Systems AB and Net Insight are partnering to promote a joint solution for metro frontier networks. Transmode has been shipping coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) systems since March 2001; Net Insight (also based in Stockholm) supplies switches based on Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode (DTM) for real-time broadband networks.

Net Insight will resell Transmode's products and the companies will jointly market a bundled metro and media network solution in Europe and USA. "We already have customers testing our joint solution", says Net Insight's CEO Tomas Duffy.

Transmode says its products provide a protocol-independent solution to the diverse requirements of metro and access networks. The current product portfolio exploits the latest optical technology to provide CWDM solutions for up to 16 wavelengths over a single fibre, it says. In combination with Net Insight's efficient use of each wavelength's bandwidth, the joint solution offers high capacity and service protection, it is claimed.

"Together, our products combine the best in WDM and metro edge switching to optimally utilise the fibre infrastructure", says Transmode's CEO Isaac Olasoko. Net Insight and Transmode's joint solution can be calculated to be more cost effective when there is a need to start using a second fibre pair.

The solution supports a number of logical network topologies including ring, mesh and point-to-point applications, and offers per service channel protection. Both product lines offer full network management capabilities, and can be monitored from the same management system. The products facilitate upgrades, allowing deployment of additional capacity channel-by-channel.

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