Atlanta Braves tap Comcast Business for stadium-to-stadium enterprise network

Comcast Business says it has landed a contract from the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team to build a multi-site enterprise network that will connect the team's executive front offices at the new SunTrust Park with minor league team operations in Georgia and Virginia.

The service provider will supply a pair of 100 Gigabit Ethernet lines into SunTrust Park, which is now under construction with a completion date of 2017. Comcast Business will then connect the team's offices at its Major League facilities to affiliated minor league teams in Rome, GA, and Gwinnett County, Danville, VA. The network also will encompass a sales location at CNN Center in downtown Atlanta. The company will supply Ethernet Private Line services to accomplish these tasks.

Comcast adds it will also support phone services at the SunTrust Park offices.

"More than ever, we needed a communications infrastructure across multiple sites that would give us fast, reliable communications and more than enough capacity to accommodate a host of emerging technology applications," said Atlanta Braves President of Development Mike Plant. "This is exactly the sort of technology investment that can ultimately translate into a competitive advantage for us on the field, and a great experience for fans."

The network connection are part of a multi-year technology and real estate partnership the Braves and Comcast announced in March 2015. The agreement calls for the delivery of multi-terabit network capabilities to SunTrust Park and the surrounding community. This includes video, voice and high-speed internet connectivity throughout the 60-acre project, which includes the new ballpark, retail shops, restaurants, an office tower, hotel, an entertainment venue, and residential units. When the new fiber-optic network is completed, it will support more than 700 Wi-Fi access points throughout the mixed-use complex, Comcast Business says.

Comcast also will become the Braves' signature tenant in a multi-story office building within the development that will house more than 1,000 Comcast employees.

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