EXFO launches automated system for testing short fiber assemblies

March 6, 2003--EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has introduced the IQS-12001B Cable Assembly Test System for multimode patchcord applications.

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EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. has introduced the IQS-12001B Cable Assembly Test System, which automatically tests multimode (850/1300 nm) as well as singlemode fibers (1310/1550 nm or 1550/1625 nm) for connector insertion loss and mandrel-free reflectance measurements.

The automated test system boasts best-in-class specifications for insertion loss testing (multimode, ± 0.07 dB; singlemode, ± 0.03 dB) and offers the best mandrel-free reflectance range in the industry (multimode, 10 to 45 dB; singlemode, 30 to 70 dB), even on the most difficult-to-test angle-polished connectors, say company representatives.

"This new Cable Assembly Test System is designed to maximize production throughput and quality for multimode and singlemode short fiber assemblies such as simplex, duplex, multifiber, and bundle," explains �tienne Gagnon, director of product management at EXFO. "Its new multimode fiber testing capabilities responds to growing demand for fibers in the datacom and enterprise markets where the volume of data traffic is still on the rise due to the deployment of the Internet and data-centric network architectures."

The IQS-12001B "relies on our PC-based, Windows-driven IQS-500 modular platform and suite of plug-and-play test modules, as well as a comprehensive software library, to deliver insertion loss and reflectance measurements with the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability," adds Gagnon. "Using EXFO's modular platform design allows manufacturers in the fiber-optic industry to retain full flexibility, future-proof their test operations, and create unlimited and very efficient manufacturing automation solutions."

EXFO's Cable Assembly Test System will be on display at booth 2341 during OFC 2003 from March 25-27 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. For more information, visit EXFO's Web site at www.exfo.com>.Th 119536

The IQS-12001B Cable Assembly Test System is a key productivity tool for manufacturing fiber assemblies and connectors.
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