China's Zhejian Telecom awards Lucent Technologies optical networking contract

20 May 2003 Beijing Lightwave - Lucent Technologies today announced that it has signed a contract with Zhejiang Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom, to build local optical transport networks in Hangzhou and Wenzhou, cities in Zhejiang province.

20 May 2003 Beijing Lightwave--Lucent Technologies today announced that it has signed a contract with Zhejiang Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom, to build local optical transport networks in Hangzhou and Wenzhou, cities in Zhejiang province. Lucent has a long-term relationship with Zhejiang Telecom.

Under the terms of the contract, Lucent will supply a wide range of optical equipment including the LambdaUnite multiservice switch (MSS), the WaveStar TDM 10G, the Metropolis ADM multiservice mux (compact shelf), the Metropolis AM and network management systems, to assist Zhejiang Telecom in its effort to bring Ethernet services to its existing SDH network. Lucent's advanced optical products will help to double the capacity of Zhejiang Telecom's existing network.

Developed by Bell Labs, the LambdaUnite MSS bridges traffic between data-intense metro networks and high-speed optical core networks, connecting cities, campuses and corporate networks to larger, long-haul public networks. The product enables service providers like Zhejiang Telecom to upgrade their networks and enables them to deliver new value-added services such as Gigabit Ethernet. The compact size and low energy requirements of LambdaUnite MSS also means operators can make significant cost savings compared to traditional systems. This flexible single-shelf system was recently optimized for smaller metro applications, supporting in-service upgrades from 160 Gbits/sec to 320 Gbits/sec, as well as to 640 Gbits/sec, allowing the system to grow when network capacity increases. Mesh restoration capabilities were also added to help carriers migrate to new mesh-based networks, while at the same time, leveraging traditional restoration architectures.

The Metropolis ADM multiService mux (compact shelf) serves as an integrated Ethernet over SDH metro access multiplexer, enabling service providers to migrate from existing time-division multiplexed networks to data-aware packet networks. Zhejiang Telecom will be deploying the compact shelf with the TransLan card, which enables it to carry not only voice, but also data and other types of traffic. Metropolis AM, a compact and cost-effective Ethernet/SDH multiplexer, offers a wide selection of interfaces, allowing carriers to continue their traditional services while delivering new services.

The WaveStar TDM 10G (STM-64) will enable Zhejiang Telecom to deliver optical services at rates up to 10 Gbits/sec per wavelength and support currently commercialized and next generation planned services through a scalable and flexible system. The system also allows carriers to reduce operating expenses through advanced self-healing networks with carrier-grade reliability. It offers flexible integration of Ethernet/SDH with Gigabit Ethernet capabilities. The integrated DWDM capability, based on Metropolis passive DWDM, provides for a cost-effective solution in metropolitan and backbone networks.

Zhejiang Telecom is also deploying the Navis optical management software, which provides integrated management for optical transport networks.

To better support Lucent's business in China, Bell Labs Research China was established three years ago in Beijing. This branch has been actively involved in Lucent sales and product development for the China market, including wireless and voice service systems, software reliability, optical network systems such as LambdaUnite, and next generation Internet, and has played an important role in improving Lucent relations with the Chinese government and universities.

Lucent China has eight regional offices, two Bell Labs branches, four research and development facilities and a number of joint ventures and wholly owned enterprises. Currently, the company has approximately 3,000 employees in China and manufactures a full array of telecommunications network equipment and solutions that serve the Chinese and international markets.

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