Linear Technology introduces high-efficiency thermoelectric cooler controller

Aug. 7, 2001--Linear Technology Corporation announced a high efficiency ThermoElectric Cooler controller IC designed to be used in DWDM laser-based fiber optic systems.

Linear Technology Corporation announced the LTC1923, a high efficiency ThermoElectric Cooler (TEC) controller IC designed to be used in DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) laser-based fiber optic systems.

All of the necessary control circuitry and two sets of complementary outputs drivers are integrated into the LTC1923 to drive a full-bridge, providing an efficient means of bi-directional current flow to a TEC. An accurate temperature control loop to stabilize the laser diode system is easily achieved with the addition of just a few external components, allowing a set point stability of 0.1(C to be easily attained. Modified versions achieve .01(C stability. Other applications can include LAN based fiber-optic communications, medical instruments and CPU temperature regulators.

The LTC1923 includes independent adjustable heating and cooling pulse-by-pulse current limit, current soft-start for controlled start-up, output slew rate control to reduce system noise, differential current sense and voltage amplifiers and a host of auxiliary circuits to protect the laser and provide redundant system monitoring. Its adjustable/synchronizable 250kHz oscillator frequency operation allows for low profile inductors and tiny ceramic capacitors. This means that a circuit footprint of less than 1 square inch can be attained on a double-sided PCB.

The LTC1923 is housed in a small, low profile 28-pin narrow SSOP package and is characterized over the industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C.

Features of the LTC1923 include:

* High Efficiency, Low Noise Topology

* Adjustable Output Slew Rate Reduces EMI

* Full-Bridge Controller for Bi-Directional Current Control

* Open/Shorted Thermistor Indication

* 0.1C Temperature Set Point Stability

* Adjustable Pulse-by-Pulse Bi-Directional TEC Current Limit

* Adjustable/Synchronizable Oscillator Frequency Reduces Filter Component Size & System Noise

* Input Voltage Range of 2.6V to 6V

* 2.5V Reference

About Linear Technology:

Linear Technology Corporation produces high-performance standard linear integrated circuits that support the communications, computing, industrial and automotive markets. For more information, visit

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