Hyperchip selects MatrixOne to manage product development and design collaboration processes

Apr. 25, 2001--MatrixOne, Inc. announced the signing of a contract with Hyperchip for the development of what the company claims to be the world's fastest router.

MatrixOne, Inc. (NASDAQ:MONE) announced the signing of a contract with Hyperchip. MatrixOne's eMatrix -- an open, flexible Internet platform with extensive collaboration services and adaptable development tools, is being used by Hyperchip in the development of what the company claims to be the world's fastest router.

Hyperchip's systems will allow telecommunications carriers to take advantage of optical networks through routers that scale from terabits to petabits to drive each wavelength to a unique destination. To build these massively scalable systems, Hyperchip has hired experts from the top routing, telecom and ASIC companies and has brought in best-of-breed tools for the development flow.

Having teams simultaneously working on sub-projects requires strict project management, so Hyperchip needed a collaboration system to integrate computer aided design, software systems, etc. for disparate parts of the development process. MatrixOne met Hyperchip's requirements of being easy to use and implement, and flexible enough to adapt to the constantly evolving needs of a fast-growing company.

About Hyperchip Inc.:

Based in Montreal, Hyperchip provides petabit scalability for the WAN, and provides end-to-end multi-gigabit connections between users, servers and storage providers For more information, visit www.hyperchip.com.

About MatrixOne, Inc.:

MatrixOne, Inc. (NASDAQ: MONE) offers products that provide an infrastructure for establishing business-to-business collaboration among customers, suppliers and other business partners, while also enabling secure access to independent trading communities and applications within private and public net markets. For more information, visit www.matrixone.com.

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