Layer42 taps Transmode for California network

AUGUST 27, 2008 -- Californian network and services company Layer42 has installed Transmode's TM-Series equipment in its increasingly busy San Francisco-to-San Jose fiber link.

AUGUST 27, 2008 -- Californian network and services company Layer42 says it has improved its network and quality of services following an installation of equipment from Transmode (search for Transmode). Layer42 provides co-location, managed services, and Internet services to businesses and organizations throughout the state of California, from its base in Santa Clara.
Layer42 offers a range of Internet connectivity and web hosting services for businesses in every stage of development.

The installation of the Transmode TM-Series equipment was done as direct result of the need for higher bandwidth initially across the fiber network connecting San Francisco with San Jose, explain Layer42 representatives. The TM-Series was selected for its low initial cost point, while still providing the modularity and high capacity for future expansions.
According to Transmode, the TM-Series is a flexible and scalable CWDM / DWDM platform supporting multi-protocol transponders and muxponders. Using Intelligent WDM (iWDM) technology, Layer 2 functionality, and flexibility, the TM-Series provides network operators and enterprises with a true plug-and-play experience, says the company, greatly reducing network and service turn up times, cost, and complexity. The initial deployment has already been expanded with additional wavelengths.
"Layer42's goal is to deliver the highest-rated level of Internet services and applications to businesses and organizations throughout California," reports Steve Rubin, the company's president. "These include reliable, dedicated Internet access and transport, cost-effective web hosting and co-location solutions, network security solutions to protect valuable data, IT outsourcing solutions that address a wide range of needs, and superior customer support."
"The installation of Transmode's TM Series equipment enables us to meet the bandwidth needs of our customers in our increasingly busy San Francisco to San Jose connection," he continues. "The fact that the Transmode's system allows us to expand in a modular way was one of the major factors in our choice of this supplier."
"Transmode is pleased to be the key supplier and adviser for Layer 42's expansion in the Californian marketplace," adds Johan Hammarström, Transmode's regional sales director, North America. "This growth is validation of both Layer 42's business model and of Transmode as their optical networking supplier. With our dedicated North American team and our characteristic consultative sales approach, we are in a very strong position to meet the needs of growing U.S. and Canadian communications companies."

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