Avvio Networks intros edge ROADM

AUGUST 14, 2008 -- The new AM4025E is a two-degree, 40-channel ROADM. Any eight contiguous channels can be used at any given time.

AUGUST 14, 2008 -- Avvio Networks' (search for Avvio) new AM4025E is a two-degree, 40-channel, reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM). Any eight contiguous channels can be used at any given time. It is designed to work with any protocol at any rate including SONET, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and OTU as well as 40G and 100G variants when fielded. Channel selection can be remotely reconfigured using Avvio Networks' Element Management System (EMS). The GUI-based EMS software also facilitates remote configuration, alarm, and event monitoring, according to the company.

Traditional multi-degree ROADM technology has been used in core applications and inter-network connections. According to Avvio Networks CEO Leo Goyette, "Core functionality is not needed at the edge of the network in most cases. Furthermore, multi-degree ROADM modules' hefty price tag makes them too expensive for most edge applications."

Avvio says the AM4025E offers the right functionality in that it can address up to eight channels at an edge location. Most node locations only require two to four add/drops, the company asserts. The AM4025E is designed to handle this requirement easily with additional channel capability for future requirements. The AM4025E is often less than half the cost of a multi-degree ROADM, the company adds.

According to Avvio Networks' Rick Madden, "The true savings of a ROADM at the edge is in the elimination of costly truck rolls. If every customer service change requires a truck roll, the weekly costs will add up quickly. Throw in today's gas prices and it gets scary." Remote reconfiguration using ROADM technology and the EMS software will dramatically reduce the cost of service changes over time, the company asserts.

The AM4025E Module is available now as part of the A4000 All Optical Chassis product line.

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