PGT Photonics upgrades Italian metro network

DECEMBER 17, 2008 -- PGT Photonics is upgrading an existing customer's City8 Rel. 1.0 CWDM system with its most recent City+ C/DWDM system to achieve 10-Gbps transmission rates.

DECEMBER 17, 2008 -- PGT Photonics (search for PGT Photonics) today announced that it is providing 10G capacity upgrades to support the network expansion of a major Italian operator.

Specifically, PGT Photonics says its is upgrading the metropolitan transport network of one the largest telecom operators in Italy, which was also one of the first deployments of the PGT Photonics City8 Rel. 1.0 CWDM system back in 2005. This 10G upgrade was accomplished with the addition of the most recent City+ C/DWDM features by simply equipping terminal transponders in the existing platform and bringing [them] into service with a centralized-operated procedure, intuitive setup, and simple installation, says the company.

"The market is seeing a growing demand for increased network capacity deployed in incremental stages, and PGT provides the flexible solutions that respond to these needs," reports Pierluigi Franco, vice president of system sales and marketing at PGT Photonics. "Our solutions guarantee gradual increases in capacity and network expansion that allows operators to improve their service offerings without the need for forklift upgrades or service disruptions. Upgrades can be made in a matter of minutes," he says, "including brief training, versus prior solutions that required the deployment of much more expensive platforms for upgrade path flexibility."

PGT's scalable City+ CWDM & DWDM Platform, supporting both single-fiber and two-fiber configurations, is based on pluggable optics and offers the versatility to accommodate all types of datacom and telecom interfaces, including 2.5G and 10G SDH/SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ESCON, and FICON, allowing telecom operators to deliver premium services through the optimization of existing infrastructure and the development of next-generation networks.

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