ARRIS debuts 1-GHz CORWave for service delivery over HFC

APRIL 10, 2008 -- ARRIS says its 1-GHz CHP CORWave CWDM downstream optics enables the delivery of high-definition switched digital video, video on demand, and business services over existing MSO fiber networks.

APRIL 10, 2008 -- ARRIS (search for ARRIS) today announced the availability of its 1-GHz CHP CORWave 'closely spaced' CWDM downstream optics. According to the company, CORWave enables the delivery of high-definition (HD) switched digital video (SDV) video, video on demand (VoD), and business services over existing MSO fiber networks.

CORWave was recently certified by a top 3 U.S. cable operator and is scheduled to be deployed by that provider this quarter. ARRIS says that CORWave is an extension of its broadly-deployed, field-proven CHP CWDM optics, which deliver more capacity over longer-link distances on existing fiber.

When deployed with the ARRIS OptiMax4100 4x4 segmentable nodes, CORWave enables simple, robust multiplexing of twelve wavelengths: four forward, four return, and four bidirectional all on one fiber with a link length of up to 25 km, says the company. The bidirectional wavelengths are ideally suited for business service applications. When deployed with any of the ARRIS OptiMax segmentable nodes in a 2x2 configuration, CORWave enables longer link lengths of up to 30 km. Furthermore, says ARRIS, the technology allows operators the flexibility to select the most cost-efficient implementation for their system while recovering fiber for other revenue-generating services.

The CORWave product can be deployed by operators with minimal disruption to consumers without sacrificing their consumers' quality of service, claim company representatives.

"Our customers are very clear; their top two priorities are pulling more capacity from existing infrastructure and tapping into commercial businesses opportunities without new infrastructure," reports John Caezza, president of ARRIS Access, Transport, and Supplies. "We built CORWave so that it can expand existing fiber capacity up to 400% both up and downstream and deliver GbE-based data services on very limited fiber counts."

"ARRIS has over a decade of experience in the design and deployment of multi-wavelength systems and more than 15,000 CHP optical multi-wavelength transmitters deployed since mid 2006," he adds. "This field-proven expertise helps ensure an efficient, robust, and reliable solution for network service providers."


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