Optical laser source

Oct 1st, 1996

Optical laser source

FSB1315B handheld, dual optical laser source provides -7 dBm of calibrated output power into singlemode fiber at either 1310 or 1550 nm. Typical output is -5 dBm into a 9/125-micron fiber. The center wavelength is accurate to 䔸 nm, while the spectral width is 5 and 7 nm or less for 1310 and 1550 nm, respectively. Both outputs are specified to a stable output in less than 1 minute over a wide temperature range, and the tracking error over the entire operating temperature is ۫.5 dB or smaller. Both the 1310- and 1550-nm lasers can be internally modulated with 270-Hz, 1-kH¥or 2-kH¥signals using front panel push-buttons. Outputs are also adjustable to ۫ dB to set reference levels. Outputs are available in ST, FC and SC connectors.

Wilcom Inc.

Laconia, NH

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