IPITEK deploys network management system for major cable MSOS

MARCH 16, 2009 -- IPITEK offers its latest Node Wizard Network Management Software for Tier 1 multiple system operators (MSOs).

MARCH 16, 2009 -- IPITEK's (search Lightwave for IPITEK) Internet Media Transport division (IMTRAN) has deployed its latest version of Node Wizard Network Management Software for Tier 1 multiple system operators (MSOs). The new software supports a growing business data metropolitan access network (MAN) that utilizes the company's MSP Series of 1GbE and 10GbE carrier-centric switches. The software is designed to provide a single, complete operational support system (OSS) technology to service providers.

The software was created to provide MSOs with the capability to automate adding nodes, links, end-to-end service level provisioning, and testing capability. By including node-level Layer 2 autodiscovery in its Ethernet devices and treating VLAN-based parameters as end-to-end per circuit service variables, IPITEK says it has been able to automate these complex tasks to support rapid circuit adds, moves, and changes.

The software system is based on a client-server Windows Operating System with a Java browser client and extensive SQL database that stores all managed parameters. Color-graphical and tabular screens depicting network-, node-, point-, and circuit-level views are tuned for multirate, multiport network elements (NEs). Pull-down dialog box provisioning, equipment and circuit inventory reporting, event history tracking, and full physical and frame layer statistics-based performance monitoring are also added. The new software features an IEEE.802-based and ITU OAM standards-based link layer and end-to-end circuit assurance testing for automated and manual craft use from any server-connected Node Wizard client PC on the maintenance LAN; device swap-out is simplified with device-level synchronized software updating tasks.

"Our customers' network growth and operational complexities have driven us to develop software that helps them to better meet their customers' ever-changing needs," says Michael Salour, IPITEK's CEO. "IPITEK's mission is to help our customers sleep better at night by maintaining their new-service installations and protecting them from accidental outages."

The new-generation Node Wizard software suite is available for added support of IPITEK's MSP-10GE and MSP-1GE carrier-switch based products. Node Wizard has previously been deployed for the company's HBR-2500 and 2502 products, as well as its IMCQ systems supporting Pro-Video Services and managed HFC platforms.


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