Nokia Siemens releases latest 40G platform

MARCH 24, 2009 -- Version 4.25 of the hiT 7300 optical platform is designed for optimum bandwidth, reach, and fiber investment protection, says Nokia Siemens Networks.

MARCH 24, 2009 -- Nokia Siemens Networks (search Lightwave for Nokia Siemens Networks), provider of 40-Gbps optical networks, has released version 4.25 of its hiT 7300 optical platform, which allows for seven modules per sub-rack. The company says its new design increases flexibility to support more revenue-generating services.

The company says it has designed the platform to simplify networks, reducing network elements, rental space, and power consumption while increasing reliability, which results in lower operating costs.

The platform is suitable for applications such as high-definition video-on-demand and IPTV, allowing operators to expand their services. Release 4.25 features a single-blade add/drop multiplexer (ADM) that supports standard point-to-connections, along with all topologies needed for broadcasts and multicasts and all common aggregation applications, such as mobile backhaul.

The hiT 7300 offers an optional polarization-mode dispersion compensator (PMDC), which the company says helps older, lower-quality or stressed fibers achieve up to 3x their current reach. The platform can thus meet operator requirements in terms of bandwidth, reach (up to 1,600 km), and the protection of past investments in fiber. Due to its small size, the platform requires no additional transponder shelf.

"The upgrades we've made to the hiT 7300 are a response to what we hear from customers every day -- and we've already seen strong pre-release demand for the latest product," says Uwe Fischer, responsible for Nokia Siemens Networks' DWDM business line. "By further developing the hiT 7300 we're helping operators where it matters most, reducing cost for spares, operation and maintenance, training, network management, space, and power consumption, while increasing flexibility in the network."

Fischer reports that international carriers have performed lab tests with the hiT 7300 4.25 and responded positively.

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